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How to install SAP HANA studio on Mac OS?

This may be useful for any Mac users who are developing or administering SAP HANA: as you may noticed long time ago Mac version of SAP HANA Studio was available for download here: . Unfortunately, recentlyMac version disappeared and only versions available for download are Windows and Linux versions.

Don’t worry.

You can get most recent version of HANA Studio running on your MacOS easily.

Follow next steps to install SAP HANA Studio on your Mac:

  1. Download Eclipse Kepler from
  2. Unzip and move to Applications folder
  3. Start Eclipse
  4. Help -> Install New Software …
  5. Add… to add repository, use this URL:
  6. Use this repository to see available software list
  7. Pick SAP HANA Tools (or more, depending on your needs)
  8. Finish installation (you will be asked to restart Eclipse)
  9. After restart, switch to HANA perspective and you are ready to start!

How to install HANA studio on Mac - Eclipse Update Site.png

How to install HANA studio on Mac - Eclipse Update Site 2.png

HANA Studio - Switch to HANA Perspective - Eclipse Kepler.png

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  • Hi Milan,

    thanks for sharing with the broader community. Please note that while it seems to work (I use this approach as well!) it’s not officially supported (just yet). Keep that in mind for the case you should run into any issues…

    Best regards,


    • Hi Matthias,

      Any hints as to when we might have an official Mac ready version? The ‘solution’ offered by Milan is great for monitoring but does have some challenges when it comes to calculation views and installing add-ins (SHAL Extension Assistant as an example). I guess its back to a VM solution till then?



    • Is there a particular reason you want to go back – some problem?  The HANA Studio is designed to be backwards compatible.  Therefore you should be able to use Studio Rev81 with a Rev74 server without any problems. 

      I believe that the update site only maintains the latest version. 

      • Hello Thomas,

        Database is still on SPS6.

        I’ve faced issues when I compile Calc Views and Procedures with different version before.

        When I compile the existing view or proc with a newer version of Studio, it compiles with warnings, saying the index was not able to be replaced correctly.

        I do not want to run into these issues as I’m going to move to production in a couple of weeks.

        I also see that only latest version is visible, even when I uncheck the Check box for latest version.



        • These are only warnings thought?  When you say compile, do you mean activate? 

          As stated previously, only the latest version is maintained on the HANA Tools update site. If you want older HANA Studios, you can access the installers from the Service Marketplace.

          • Yep.. They are only warnings. The code works fine though.

            Yes.. Sorry. I meant activate.

            But does the marketplace have the Older versions for Mac?

            Could you please share the link if so?



          • >But does the marketplace have the Older versions for Mac?

            Could you please share the link if so?

            No, because there are no older supported versions for Mac. The first supported version for Mac was Rev80.

          • Cool Thank you.

            Just one last thing if you can clarify.

            My hana studio now shows both 74 and 81. So which one am I in?

            Screenshot attached. I’ve expanded the Administration tab where you’ll see 81 in the internal nodes.

            Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.41.38 AM.png



            Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.41.38 AM.png
          • Both.  With the usage of update sites its possible to update to just some components of the Studio.  Therefore some of the components of your Studio have been updated while others remain at an older level. Probably not an idea situation, however. I doubt we test internal with all possible permutations of component levels.  If I were you, I’d update from the Update Site and take everything to 81. 

  • Hi,

    I have been trying to install some plugins related to Operational Process Intelligence like Business Scenario Editor etc. I was trying to download these plugins from one of the OPI instances provided in CAL library. Its not working and plugins are not installed. Am I missing something here?

  • Hi Guys,

    I am stuck when I am trying to install SAP HANA tools. It says ‘Cannot perform operation. Computing alternate solutions, may take a while’. It lasts more than 5hours. Is there anybody could help? Thanks very much.

    Best Regards,