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A new way to analyze billing document creation

Hello All,

Have you spent time cancelling and re-creating invoices just to see how/why some aspects behaves ? Well, there is an easier way to check it through. Go to VF03 transaction and type an existent invoice.


Now in some SAP ERP releases (I am actually running it on SAPKH60410).


It will actually spare you from cancelling and recreating an invoice document since it will show the re-execution of that document creation. In this case no error happened then screen below shows final status successful:


However if any error is displayed then debugging is possible through the VF03 analysis and it dismiss those additional steps of cancelling and recreating an invoice.Notice that is only possible in VF03, in VF02 the analysis option is disabled.

Let’s show what happens if you place a breakpoint in RV_INVOICE_CREATE function module (it will be executed, you can take advantage of that execution to your analysis):


I hope that brings benefits on your analysis activities.

Best Regards,

Christian Rosa

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