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U.S Tax configurations in one shot (simplified)

The below picture gives a snap shot of configurations that are needed for configuring taxes for U.S country.

Each box corresponds to IMG step, which you can find in below path:

IMG –> Payroll USA –> Tax

US Tax Config.jpg

The below picture gives a snap shot of configurations that are needed for configuring Garnishments for U.S country.

Each box corresponds to IMG step, which you can find in below path:

IMG –> Payroll USA –> Garnishments


Experts please suggest any changes or corrections if needed.

Thanks for reading

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  • This is not configuration It seems like you pasted the screenshot of BBP.

    It would be more good if you explain step by step screenshots along with calculation.

    • Thanks for one and all for your suggestions and feedback…

      Priya, Its not from BBP. This pcitures, I have prepared for my understanding purpose and to see configurations at one shot incase of any tickets, I can easily check.

      Thought this might be helpful for some one and posted. 

      My apologies if I had wasted your time.



  • Hi Venkatesh

    I agree what Priya has said. It would be great if you can come up with more details. You need show how you map the BSI taxation rates with Configs. If not BSI what was the other 3rd party you Integrated with. how will you configure W-2 form W-4 form etc and more detailed config on Garnishments. This will definetly serve the best for all the SCN Peers who are looking to work on US Payroll from the base.

    Cheers 😉


    • Iam working on US Payroll . Iam new to US Payroll I dont see any documents related to BSI ..

      I appreciate Pradyp for coming up with requirement

      • Priya,

        If you are working on US Payroll then I am sure you would be having the BSI login credentials.  Log in to the BSI site there you would find the whole documentation pertaining to the Version and technical maintenance.


    • Hi Jwala,

      Without BSI Configuration It is of no use to do or learn US Payroll. Many institutes or trainers promise students they are expertise in field of US Payrol. They teach without BSI It is of no use to learn US Payroll without BSI Configuration.

      To Trainers 😡

      My humble request to Trainers Not to teach US Payroll without BSI .

      It is a sin if you teach US Payroll without BSI Dont cheat students

      one fine day Trainers will be cheaten and lose all your money and job. If you cheat 1 student it is equivalent to cheating of  1000 consultants . Dont play students career just because of small amount of rs 10,000 or 15000 or 25000 it is euqivalent to cheating of crores and that will be recovered in your next life

      To students 😕

      I request Students to know more about US Payroll before you start to learn.

      To Consultants,

      I request realtime consultants to post documents in the scn  That will help a lot if you post one good document it is equivalent to posting of 1000 documents as it will serve one life of career.

      Thanks Jwala for coming up with requirement

      • One more, Priya,

        The BSI issue what ever you have pointed out is correct but the thing you have to understand is that no trainer can promise a BSI integrated training on US Payroll as BSI is real time software and can only be accessed through client credentials.  And learning the US Payroll would be  easier if you get on a support project (initially shd be trained) then interact with the user regarding updating the new TUBS their implications.  You have notes on every TUB where it is going to effect ex. tax authority, tax rates etc. and in parallel you have instructions for every update on BSI side.

        On the BSI side there are few customizations especially in the sector of Unemployment Insurance (the rates vary to state, city, county, school district etc) rest all are updated through the updates.  In parallel we have to update the SAP side tables which refer/report to BSI.

        Pradyp,  though you have pointed out a valid point, which cannot be covered in one single document there are some handy ones created by Karthik, Hemanth, and Venkatesh.  I am pasting a few links and threads below for quick reference.

        BSI Tax Factory 10.0

        US Payroll Sub-schemas explained in simple way

        BSI TaxFactory – Questions on create database for BSI on DB2

        BSI Tax Factory: Mapping betw Tax Auth and applicable Taxes

        Garnishment FAQ's – ERP Human Capital Management – SCN Wiki

        Taxability Model – ERP Human Capital Management – SCN Wiki

        Believe me it is SCN which has helped me a lot in understanding the US Payroll and rest I kept nibbling the users.



      • Hi Priya,

        i think you are so angry on your trainer who teach you without BSI. As Upendra said no small institutes have the login’s of BSI.

        In-fact i learn US-payroll in the year 2009 and i dont know about BSI only, what trainer is teaching we thought that only SAP Configuration. is good/bad don’t know,  i got project in Indian payroll and till now in Indian payroll only and no other country payroll came to me 🙁 .

        Trying to learn other country payroll, without BSI is really waste of learning of us payroll ?

        some one please advise and if possible give the links of US-Payroll and German payroll please.

        Thanks and Best Regards,

        Praneeth kumar