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Author's profile photo Jereme Swoboda

Decommissioning a Managed System from Solution Manager 7.1 SP11

As you all know removing a managed system from Solution Manager can be a tedious time consuming process. With SP11, SAP has provided a guided procedure for removing (decommissioning) a system from Solution Manager 7.1. The steps below show you how to access the guided procedure and high level preview of the steps provided.

SAP also added steps for decommissioning in the latest Solution Manager 7.1 SP11 Operations guide. You will need access to the SAP support Portal to access the document. Here is the link to the guide and a screen shot of the location:


1. You need the following composite role to run guided procedures

     a. IT Operator  composite role = SAP_TASK_INBOX_ALL_COMP

2. Enter Transaction SOLMAN_WORKCENTER in SAPGUI

3. Select Technical administration Workcenter

  • Select Guided Procedure Management
  • Select the Managed System
  • Select the Guided Procedure browser drop down
  • Select either Start new window or Start Embedded


4. Select the Decommissioning Procedure and select Execute


5. Select Edit

6. Before continuing to the next step you must understand that by decommissioning the system you will lose data on the managed system. Keep in mind all of the steps may not be required.

7. Set the execution status to performed and select next to move on to step 2.


8. Step 2 – Application Clean-up has 2 automatic steps and a number of manual steps.

     a. Automatic activities are completed by selecting execute all

      • Remove Technical Monitoring Templates via SOLMAN_SETUP
      • Delete Session data, Reports, Early Watch Reports, DVM, Service Level Reporting with report “RDSMOPREDUCEDATA”

     b. Complete the manual activities by reading the Documentation for each step and the selecting Start Webdynpro to navigate to the location where the steps need to be completed.

     c. The manual activities are all about removing the scheduled jobs and monitoring that is configured in Solution manager.

     d. When all manual activities are complete set the Execution Status to Performed and select next to move on to the next step.


9. Step 3 – Cross Application Clean-Up

     a. This step has you delete the Extractors, RFC’s, Transport Routes, and uninstalling the Diagnostic agent from the managed system.

     b. This step and the following steps have all Manual Activities. Read the documentation and complete as needed.


10.  Step 4 – Planning Projects and Solutions Clean-up

     a. These manual activities are removing Solutions and deleting logical components from the LMDB and SMSY.


11.  Step 5 – Software Life Cycle Management Clean-up

     a. This step has you remove more product systems and system data from solution manager.


12.  Step 6 – Landscape Management Clean-up

     a. This step has you remove the remaining system data from LMDB and the SLD.


13.  The final step is just an overview displaying the status of the other steps.


14.  That is it, once complete all data on the managed system is completely removed from Solution Manager.

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      Author's profile photo Thomas Vorndran
      Thomas Vorndran


      very good approach, this is actually the first time someone talks about ending a life cycle 🙂

      One remark: You have linked the security guide and not the operations guide



      Author's profile photo Jereme Swoboda
      Jereme Swoboda
      Blog Post Author

      Good catch Thomas! It is fixed now, thank you!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Jereme,

      Cool...... with screen shot makes it easy to understand......

      One more link for the same:

      Delete_Managed_System - SAP Solution Manager Setup - SCN Wiki

      However do any one have idea how would we delete only one system from the managed system, rather than complete setup.

      for example in the below screen shot, in case I want to delete setup of TBI, TBW or TCO, how would we proceed


      Author's profile photo Jereme Swoboda
      Jereme Swoboda
      Blog Post Author

      HI Haseena,

      Following the guided procedure will remove the entries from Managed System Configuration. Is that what you would like to do?

      If you want to just remove the system from the list and you dont care about the rest of the data and configuration. Delete the system from the SLD and then the LMDB. In about 5 minutes the system should gone from the list in Managed system configuration. Though I would recommend removing any configuration you completed for the managed system. Also if the managed system is still running, make sure you remove configuration in transaction RZ70, if you don't it will reappear the next time the job runs.

      Hope that helps!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Jereme............

      Thank you...........

      Deleting the system from the SLD and then the LMDB may help me out............ yet to try.........


      Author's profile photo Biral Gajjar
      Biral Gajjar

      Hello Jereme,

      “Decommissioning ” option in guided procedure is not visible.I would like to remove DEA,DEH,DEV system. Could you please help me out?









      Author's profile photo Jereme Swoboda
      Jereme Swoboda
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Birai,


      Reza's comment is correct. With Solution Manager 7.1 SP11 or 12 SAP moved the guided procedure to  Solman_setup -> Managed Systems Management ->Advanced Option -> decommissioning

      Author's profile photo Reza Ejersbo
      Reza Ejersbo

      Hi Biral,

      Try to user decommissioning from:

      Solman_setup -> Managed Systems Management ->Advanced Option -> decommissioning.