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Considerations/Issues when changing .Unv source to OLAP connection in Webi 4.x

Hi All,

Environment : BI 4.1 SP3 and BW 7.4 SP3

We are doing a pilot for converting all .Unv based reports. Below are observations when pointing .Unv to BICS

Issue/Consideration Solution
some of the objects are pointed to wrong objects Remap again the objects which are pointed incorrectly
If  constant filters applied on a detail object in the filters pane ,
then we can’t map this object to any of the object.
Remove all the filters from filters pane before change ,
place filters after source change
Prompt screen loading and Prompt LOV’s fetching
is slow compared to .Unv
Product limitation
Cascading Filters : with UNV we created different levels of hierarchies
for drill down and for filters report specifically.
For drill down we can have BW hierarchy
(Lot of development effort in BW ,and could not be report specific) .
Cascading Filters is limitation , idea has been posted BI 4.0 – WebI on BEX (BICS) –
Make report Drill Filters capable of handling linked / cascading relationship between SAP ….
Most of the BEx variable texts(prompt description )
are customized in Universes .
we may need to change the Variable texts in BW .
This will be difficult when we have reports with 2 or more queries .
Variable text should be same for all queries.
We can’t have measure objects in the query filters pane. Apply filters ib Bex/in the Webi report
Web Intelligence Query Panel – not possible to use “OR” operator
when creating Query Filters on BICS BEX source
please refer : SAP Note  1687933



1.we have seen ~5% of performance improvement.

2.In some universes we are converted Detail Object Keys (Attributes of dimensions . Ex :Customer Key /Material Key) into dimensions for merging (we can’t do merge on details objects in 3.x ) . In 4.1 we can directly merge Detail objects.

Hope this helps …

Please post your experiences for better guidance.

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