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New SAP Fiori Apps released May, 2014!

Exciting News!  SAP recently released the 4th shipment of Fiori apps and updates.  As a result there are now 300+ apps available.  This latest release includes 40 new Transactional, 8 new Factsheet, and 59 new Analytical apps.  The new components are available in SAP Service Marketplace.  The new version of the Fiori documentation is now available on  A new central document has been introduced summarizing the most important changes in the SAP Fiori environment in this shipment.  Also there is now a Fiori Configuration Quick Guide available.  There are support packages available for the existing apps AND the recent SP08 release for the SAP UI add-on is also available for use with the apps and Fiori Launchpad.
These new Fiori apps are GA. but with Monitored Delivery (not Ramp Up).  Monitored Delivery is a feedback and support channel for licensed customers who plan to implement Fiori apps. There is now a voluntary (optional) registration program to support our customers known as the Fiori (GA) Care Program.  With this program, SAP continues to offer additional support for new app deployments during the General Availability phase.  (See below).
See the following for more details:
Two featured apps are detailed below:
For SAP Fiori, we offer the SAP general availability care (GAC) program. Via the SAP GAC program, SAP reaches out to the first customers who receive SAP’s new solutions. With your active participation, you help SAP to gain early feedback from the productive usage of the latest software which may serve as a basis for further improvements. At the same time, SAP would like to engage with productive customers who are interested in a collaboration regarding marketing and communication activities for the new functionalities provided.
Key Data
  • Application for participation in GAC program for SAP Fiori is possible until July 31st 2014
  • Planned completion date for GAC program for SAP Fiori: Oct 31st 2014
What are your benefits?
  • Direct monitoring of your customer messages by the SAP Development Organization
  • Opportunity to provide direct feedback to SAP development
How to request participation?
  • In order to participate in the general availability care program for SAP Fiori, please send your request via e-mail to
  • In response you will receive a short form to complete identifying a project lead contact as well as other pertinent information.
  • The contact you have named will then receive a short welcome mail for the general availability care program for SAP Fiori which contains important information regarding the program.
To ensure that your customer incidents are prioritized appropriately, please use the SAP Incident Wizard in SAP Support Portal.  Please prefix the incident short text with RUFIORIUI.
Satisfaction Survey
Shortly after receiving the software you will receive an electronic satisfaction survey asking for feedback about your experiences with the product. The survey results are communicated to the SAP Executive Board. The survey is sent by e-mail to the contact provided during the software request process. To ensure that you receive this e-mail, please add sap-listens(at) as a permitted address for any spam/junk mail filter you may have enabled.
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  • Let’s fiorify the whole SAP landscape 😀

    The learning map link has a -> Error Message – Access denied (R/3)

    What happened?

    You do not have permission to access this Object

  • After Fiori’s 4th release and with the change to the Fiori pricing policy (now free with other SAP software products), the Monitored Delivery Program is no longer a mandatory part of using the Fiori UX.  There is now an Fiori Care Program which is optional for registration and participation.  If Customers create CSN messages and are not registered, they will be approached by SAP and OFFERED participation in the program.

    Changes are in process regarding this in other support documentation areas, so if there is confusion, please create a Discussion.  This will give us the opportunity to correct what may have been missed in the short time since the pricing policy was changed.

    Thanks, Mike

    SAP Customer Experience Group – CEG

    • Hi Mike,

      Where I can find information on Fiori Care Program ?

      Is all the released FIORI apps are free to SAP business Suite customers?

      From when existing SAP Suite customers get this benefit ?


      Midhun VP

      • Hi Midhun,

        1) There was an embedded link in the Fiori Care Program section which takes you to the GAC Program of which Fiori is a part.  As far as I have been able to determine (and this is still new to me also), the same Ramp Up/Monitored Delivery folks are supporting it.  One big difference is that it is no longer mandatory to register in order to download the materials.

        2) That is my understanding.

        3) Since the change is so recent, it may take a little while to fully implement, but existing customers all get this benefit.  However the Account Executives will have to provide the details which I am both not authorized and not knowledgeable enough to get into the specifics.  I suspect it will vary somewhat customer to customer.

        Thanks, Mike

        SAP Customer Experience Group – CEG