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PMIS Cost Analysis Reporting Overview

Cost Analysis – PM Information System Overview

This document covers the Cost Analysis part of Plant Maintenance Information Systems report.

In PM Order, there will be different costs which will be posted through different Business transactions.

  • Internal Cost – Cost will be incurred through Internal Activities which will be done using Company’s own resource pool
  • External Cost – Cost will be incurred through hiring resource pool from 3rd party vendor to work in Company’s premises or sending the equipment to outside vendor
  • Material Cost – Cost will be incurred through Material Consumption either by consuming from own warehouse stock or by procuring from vendor against specific PM  order

There will be others costs such as Overheads, etc., which are rarely used in PM perspective.

To bring these costs into PM order, there are some settings to be done both in Configuration as well as in Master data.

Configuration Settings:

  • Value Categories – Value Categories are used to group the cost & to display in PM order as well as in Analysis Reporting.
  • Costing Variants & Valuation Variants – These are defined to inform the SAP system on the sequence of Master Data from which appropriate cost details should be brought up.
  • Assignment of Value Categories to Maintenance Cost Key figures – The foresaid value categories should be linked with Maintenance Cost Key figures based on which PM Information System Reporting will provide the cost structure.

Master Data Settings:

  • Activity Master – All the Internal Activities (wherever price is getting changed) should be defined in System. For example, it could be Mechanical, Electrical, Technician, Carpenters, etc., as per the business need
  • Cost Elements – Cost Elements (Secondary) should be defined for capturing Internal activity & the same should be assigned in Activity Master
  • Cost Center – Cost Centers should be defined for the Internal Resource pool. It can be only one cost center for whole resource pool or it can be based on type of resource category such as Mechanical, Electrical, etc.,
  • Activity Pricing – Activity Pricing should be planned against each Activity & each Cost center for the each month separately or for the whole year. As Internal Resource’s Cost will not vary very frequently, we can define for the whole year. Again this is based on business acceptance.
  • Work Center – Work Centers should be defined for all the Internal Resource Pools like Mechanical, Electrical, etc., Appropriate Activity types & Cost Centers should be assigned with appropriate validity dates
  • Material Master – Material Masters should be defined for all the components / spares which will be consumed during the Maintenance activity. This is applicable for both Stock Item (Consumption from Warehouse stock) & Non Stock Item (Procurement from vendor)

Configuration Settings:

  • Value Categories

Value Categories will be defined separately for Internal Cost, External Cost & Materials. Appropriate Cost Element groups will be assigned to these Value Categories.

It’s suggestible to assign Cost element groups to value categories instead of assigning Cost elements directly. As additional cost elements may be included in the future, every time it’s not required to change the configuration as Cost element groups can be modified easily as Master data.

IMG Path: IMG – Plant Maintenance and Customer Service – Maintenance and Service Processing – Basic Settings – Settings for Display of Costs – Maintain Value Categories / Assign Cost Elements to Value Categories



  • Costing Variants & Valuation Variants

Valuation Variants should be created for Internal Activities, External Activities, Materials, etc., This Valuation variant will be assigned to Costing Variant & to planning plant. These Costing variants will be assigned to PM Order types.

Based on the sequence of steps defined in valuation variant, PM Orders cost will be calculated.

IMG Path: IMG – Plant Maintenance and Customer Service – Maintenance and Service Processing – Maintenance and Service Orders – Functions and Settings for Order Types – Costing data for Maintenance and Service Orders

Maintain Valuation Variants



Maintain Costing Variants


Assign Costing Parameters and Results Analysis Keys


  • Assignment of Value Categories to Maintenance Cost Key figures

               Above defined Value Categories should be assigned in SAP predefined Cost Key Figures.

               IMG Path: IMG – Plant Maintenance and Customer Service – Information Systems for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service – Assign Value                 Categories to Maintenance Cost Key Figures


Correction Note:

There would be some corrections or changes in Value Categories in terms of adding new cost element or adding new Value categories or removing the existing Value categories.

Based on those changes, system sometimes will not update the display of costs either at PM Order level or at PM Information System reporting level.

In order to update the costs in table PMCO (Display of costs at PM Order level) & in table PMIS (PM Information System Reporting level), there are readily available programs. These programs should be run in SE38.

Refer the below SAP note information for the same.

112841 – Steps to Regenerate PMCO & PMIS files

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  • Hi KD,

    Very nice explanation. I was not aware of much on this concept as the things(nomenclature) are same in my field SAP PS except Cost key figure, we call it statistical key figures.

    If you can publish more on result analysis and how it works in orders then it would be a great help to all the members here.

    Thanks & Regards


    • Results Analysis will help us in calculating the Work In Progress (WIP).

      This WIP can be 2 ways.

      • Cost has been booked in particular month, but there is no corresponding revenue booked. Then these costs will be transferred from P&L to Balance sheet & once actual revenue is recognized, actual expense will be recognized
      • Revenue has been booked in particular month, but there is no cost incurred on that month. Then, Cost will be calculated proportionately for Revenue & will be booked as expense. Once actual expense will be booked, this entry will be nullified.

      Again this is separate major topic which covers lots of configuration & master data. Soon, I will try to make some documentation on that.