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Thanks Pitbull

As the Daylight rose on a new year full of potential it would have been only too easy to walk away from 2013 taking Sweet Nothing with you.

Now Don’t You Worry Child. Allow me to take you on a Cruise through the best of those 12 months, so that you know what to take with you through 2014 and beyond.

Hopefully you won’t be too quick to say “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” giving me the opportunity to make plenty of terrible puns. Story Of My Life.

So that’s 6 down 45 to go as I try to incorporate all the Billboard No1 Hits of 2013 into a light hearted, but hopefully entertaining, technology blog.  You can check them out here Billboard 100 Top 10 singles in 2013


The audience looked aghast as the Blackberry flew across the seminar room and failed to break, like China Cups, into a million pieces as it hit the wall and bounced a couple of times before resting on the floor Safe and Sound.

I had the idea when my daughter bought me the “Stress Release” rubber Blackberry toy from a Thrift Shop for Xmas a few years ago, and I have to say it certainly looked the part.

With a facial expression that screamed, Just Give Me A Reason they would think I had gone “Berzerk”. Afterwards some would say I Love It, other’s I thought your boss was going to have a Heart Attack. But everyone would Stay, forget their Fkin Problems for a while and listen intently to me The (silver) Fox.

It was a Wake Me Up I liked to use to get everyone in the room to switch off their mobile phones before my presentation started.  It also let them know the session would be far from boring and often initiated that first ripple of Applause.

It is with something of a Summertime Sadness that many lament the passing popularity of the Blackberry, but with the just Love me like a Rap God appeal of almost anything Apple these days, who can blame us, they can make us feel like almost Royals.

Of course times have changed and these days we want our audiences to have that Can’t Hold Us attitude, their devices switched on so they can be actively commenting on the session via social media. We want them to Say Something to a virtually limitless community: to Scream & Shout our message.

Technology has changed our world yet again with smart mobile, camera inclusive, always connected devices.  It hit us like a Wrecking Ball changing the accepted behavior, challenging the status quo and extending our expectations more than ever. would call it Dope, in old school it would be cool, but from a business opportunity perspective many people see this as the Best Song Ever and its only going in One Direction.

As this Radioactive like, Roar of so called Big Data, that We Can’t Stop, changes our customer’s expectations; it represents what some would call The Monster of opportunities.

You may say, “I Feel the Moment” but as a Suit & Tie how do you leverage this compulsive compelling consumer experience to deliver the Holy Grail of competitive business advantage?

You need Clarity not Blurred Lines, something to show you The Way to the Treasure hiding in this mass of technology enabled human activity.

So don’t fall for the smoke & Mirrors. It’s not just about speeding things up a bit, and it’s not just about saying we have some In-memory applications, as a bearded Gentleman keeps saying. 

Imagine removing the Demons from your business and not being afraid of analyzing customer trends that currently feel like a Counting Stars type of challenge. 

If you Started from the Bottom and instilled a Can’t Stop Me attitude, enabled by, Real-Time technology platform, imagine how your customer experience would improve.

Could your customers feel they Get Lucky when they buy from you? Can you create a Come & Get It experience, and think about how you could give your business performance a real Harlem Shake?

It’s something to bear in mind next time you find an old Blackberry in the back of a drawer looking up at you screaming When I Was Your Man!

With that I wish you a very happy 2014 and point out that in November Pitbull released a song called Timber, which I am unable to fit in here no matter how many lumberjack analogies I produced. Thanks Pitbull.

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