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Entrepreneurialism and Employment, chalk and cheese, or, wine and cheese ?

Entrepreneurialism and an employment career,

     do the two go together

     can the two go together

     can employees and employers both benefit for employees pursuing their own entrepreneurial interests

     should employers encourage entrepeneurialism among employees

So many questions.

This blog explores some thoughts in this area and invites readers to further the conversation with their thoughts.

Let’s begin with looking at entrepreneurialism and thinking about what it is.


Cited with permission of, “entrepreneurialism,” in Unabridged. Source location: Random House, Inc. Available: Accessed: May 21, 2014.

That’s the dictionary definition,

    a person






               enterprise, especially a business

          usually with

               considerable initiative



Let’s now think about some of the core attributes which large companies encourage employees to develop

and look for in future leaders:




     [Understanding of] Risk

We can see there are parallels between the core principles of entrepreneurialism and the core attributes companies

look for in developing future leaders.

Next let’s look at the other core attributes of entrepreneurialism,

         enterprise, especially a business

What is enterprise ?

Enterprise dictionary definition.png

Cited with permission of

enterprise. (n.d.). Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition.

Retrieved May 23, 2014, from website:

That’s the dictionary definition of enterprise:

          1, a project or undertaking, especially one that requires boldness or effort

          2, participation in such projects

          3, readiness to embark on new ventures; boldness and energy

          4, initiative in business

Again, we see parallels between the core principles of enterprise and skills and experience which companies

look for in developing future leaders.

And, what is an enterprise, an enterprise can be any activity, from a face book page to draw attention to a non-profit organisation,

to trying to start the next Amazon.

And hence, these thoughts bring me to wonder, what would happen if large companies initiated programs encouraging

entrepreneurialism from employees ?

One of basically two things would happen,





As has been debated previously on SCN failure is a science of its own and has many benefits.

This phenomenon is not only debated on the SCN, just do a search for failure on Amazon and see how many books exist on

the subject, do a search on good and see what the most successful people are reading.

Recently Gilles Atlan, wrote a very interesting article, on Early Failure, or, Failing Early.

Where are we going here, what’s the point in failure ?

We can see, there is enough evidence, that failure is opportunity, and brings good, and therefore, individuals who have

failed can become stronger from it, thus using the lessons to improve the future.

These lessons could be applied in the individual’s work and life.

And, Success:

Success speaks for itself and needs no introduction, and the benefits which success in an enterprise could bring to an

individual to be applied in their work and life go without saying.

Which leads me to conclude, it could very interesting and beneficial to all, if large organisations were to

encourage entrepreneurialism from their employees.

What do you think ?


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      Author's profile photo Syam krishnan
      Syam krishnan

      Large organisations especially in the service sector are  willing to invest in new things only when they are sure about returns or at least they are sure that present growth of the company is not disturbed. Hence to move on to inventions I think they should encourage entrepreneurialism

      Author's profile photo Andy Silvey
      Andy Silvey
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Syam,

      to clarify, I am not thinking of the employer organisations investing or running incubator's I simply mean a corporate culture of encouraging entrepreneurialism and enterprise among employees in the free time using their own resources.

      It could be starting an under 10's cricket club, starting anything, it doesn't have to be an enterprise requiring significant investment with a goal of becoming a marketable product.

      The thoughts are mainly around, the action of doing, or the practice of entrepreneurialism could bring the individual new skills which could make them more successful in their careers.

      Hence should employers positively encourage this and what would the results be?

      Best regards and nice weekend,


      Author's profile photo Syam krishnan
      Syam krishnan

      Employer should encourage entrepreneurialism. It shall produce successful employees. In fact I am from an organization where people are given environment to follow their passion like movie making, modeling, technology , public speaking, sports of various kinds etc. I have seen some people who becomes successful in their passion. They in turn contribute to brand . People should love to come to their workplace.