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Create portal application HELLO WORD with NWDS

How many of you have had to write just 2 lines of code to the SAP portal, but to find this at the edge of the impossible?

I wrote a small guide on how deployare application for the SAP portal.

I hope you find it useful.



  • Download and install JRE

ScreenHunter_321 May. 22 15.43.jpg

  • Download and Install NWDS

ScreenHunter_321 May. 22 15.42.jpg

Unzip the
and launch SapNetweaverDeveloperStudio.exe

ScreenHunter_321 May. 23 08.50.jpg

    • Create a Portal Application Project

    File –-> New -> Other.



    Give a project name and click Finish.


            1. Create a Portal Application Object

    Now we need to create
    a component within our portal application project. For this right click on the
    project and select New -> Other.


    Then select Portal Application-> Create a new Portal Application Object


    Select yor project and click Next


    Expand Portal Component and select AbstractPortalComponent and click Next.


    Give the name, leave location Core, anc Packege Name blank and click Finish


              1. Put your code

    ScreenHunter_323 May. 23 09.42.jpg

    import com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.*;

    public class HelloWord extends AbstractPortalComponent


    public void doContent(IPortalComponentRequest request,

    IPortalComponentResponse response)


          response.write(“Hello World”);



                1. Export the project in EAR file

    Now we have to deploy this component to the portal. For this first we will export this project as an EAR file. For this right click on the project and select the

    option Export from the context menu.


    Select the option SAP NetWeaver Portal -> EAR File and click Next.


    Select Next on the following screen, the project will be selected by default.


    Click Finish on the next screen.


    Now you will be able
    to see the EAR file in the project structure.


                  1. Set connection beetween portal SAP and NWDS

    deploy this EAR file to our portal. For this first make sure that the portal
    system has been added and set as the default system

    under Window -> Preferences -> SAP AS Java


    If no SAP system are present , click to Add.


    User and Password of Java Administrattor are required

                    1. Deploy view on Portal

    Navigate  to the Deploy view by clicking Window -> Show View -> Other.

    ( If you have a javanullpunt error follow the thread  )


    Expand the node Deploy View and select Deploy View.


    In the deploy view, right click on the option External Deployable Archives and select Add.


    From your file system, navigate to the path where the project lies and select the EAR file that we created earlier.


    The EAR now appears under External Deployable Archives.


    With the EAR file selected, select the Deploy button (or right click on the EAR file and select the option Deploy from the menu).


    You will be able to view the deployment progress in the lower right corner.


    You will get a confirmation message upon successful deployment.


                      1. Test the portal application

    Navigate  to Content Administration-> Portal Content Management and expand the node Portal Applications.

    ScreenHunter_329 May. 23 09.57.jpg

    ScreenHunter_327 May. 23 09.57.jpg


    And we win

    ScreenHunter_330 May. 23 09.58.jpg


    I suggest
    another usefull document that help me to create this guide :

    How to
    Deploy HTML5 applications to 7.3 portal

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        Author's profile photo David Raven
        David Raven

        Hi,  Thanks for the tutorial.

        If I want to write a byte array instead of the String "Hello World", is there a way to do it?