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Afaria RSOE Configuration

Afaria Relay Server Outbound Enabler Configuration:

Refer below Sybase technical article to do this configuration.

(You will require Sybase technical id and pwd to login)

  • You have to create 4 Farms
  1. Afaria Server (any name)
  2. Enrollment Server (ios – can also be any name)
  3. PackageServer (ps – can also be any name)
  4. Certificate Authority server (ca – can also be any name)

Login to Relay Server

Open rs.config file and add below farm details


Also add below details to Backend Servers section in same rs.config file


Save the file and exit

To refresh rs.config file, run the below command from command prompt

Go to path: \relayserver\IIS\Bin64\Server

And execute

rshost –u –f F:\Apps\relayserver\IIS\Bin64\Server\rs.config

In above screen, for Afaria Backend server configuration, id (uft97) is Transmitter id. To get transmitter id

login to Afaria Server and follow below steps to capture ‘Transmitter id’ for Afaria server.



Later go to below path to create 4 RS outbound enabler configuration files



Also create empty log file rsoe.log in mentioned above path


Also create empty log file rsoeios.log in mentioned above path


Also create empty log file rsoeps.log in mentioned above path


After you create files, configure these OE’s as Windows services, for that run below command

dbsvc -as -s auto -w ‘rsoe’ “F:\Afaria\AfariaServer\bin\RSOutboundEnabler\rsoe.exe” @”F:\Afaria\AfariaServer\bin\RSOutboundEnabler\rsoe.config”

rsoe’ is service name


Similarly run the same command for ios, ps and ca


Later Relay Server status should show as below


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  • Hello Srikanth,

    You have created nice tutorial how to configure relay server. Can you please tell me how do you get last picture “Relay Server status“?



    • Hello Milos,

      Once everything is configured, you can check Relay Server status by below URL

      http://<relay server address>/<relay server virtual directory name>/monitor/rs_monitor.dll



  • Hi Srikanth

    Just a note about creating an Farm/RSOE for CA server.  This is no longer required if you are running Afaria 7.0 Service Pack 3 or above, as there is an option to proxy the CA through the Afaria Server.