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Your Certification Success Story Video Could Win You a Free Subscription to SAP Learning Hub

Avid followers of the SAP Certification space on SCN may remember that last year, I embarked on a mission to find your certification success stories in the form of short video statements expressing how SAP certification has helped you in your career. The plan is to create an official SAP video on certification which incorporates some of the best videos submitted as part of this initiative. Our ultimate goal is to use your video stories to inspire other people in the SAP world to take the plunge and sign up for an exam. 

We had a number of enthusiastic comments and some fun/cool videos, but we still haven’t reached that magic “critical mass” of submissions. So as an added incentive, we are now offering 12 months of free access to SAP Learning Hub to anyone whose video is featured in the final official SAP video. 

Here’s what we’re looking for 

We love video and we’d love for you to upload a short clip (30-60 seconds) to YouTube telling us Your Certification Success Story.

Be sure to tell us:

  • your name
  • which SAP solution(s) you certified in
  • where you took your certification exam
  • how certification has helped you in your career

Your video doesn’t need to be professionally shot – using your smart phone or video mode on a camera should ensure good enough quality, or alternatively a webcam on your computer would do. You can shoot yourself at arms’ length or ask a friend to video you – it’s your story and your enthusiasm we’re looking forward to seeing!

Please add the link to your video to the comments field below so we can view your video. It’s very easy to upload something to YouTube and embed into the comments. Even better, if you’re on Twitter, tweet your video using the hashtag #yourcertstory. If we like your story, we’ll re-tweet you to thousands of followers worldwide.

You can read my earlier blog here. Oh, and don’t forget – the winners will have a free 12-month subscription to SAP Learning Hub!  To find out for yourself what a great prize this is, simply head over to our Learning in the Cloud section on SCN for more information about SAP Learning Hub.

We look forward to “seeing” you soon.

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  • Hi

    I am surprised by this competition but I suppose you can only learn from your mistakes. As you are probably aware I have many views about certification but this is not what the blog is about.

    My Story

    In 2012 we conducted an SAP Innojam event at Victoria University in Australia.  I sent a message out to the ecosystem about then event.  One of my past students who now works for a partner registered for the event.  During the event he explained what he was hoping to achieve.  He wanted to use HANA. He had undertaken SAP HANA Certification training for partners. The only problem was in the training he NEVER TOUCHED HANA. But he passed the certification.

    I hope my post motivates other people to share their interesting stories.  There are already many existing ones on SCN like:


    DOs & DON’Ts for SAP Career (Certification) on the basis of my on going journey from an Accountant to SAP FI Consultant.



    • Hi Paul,

      many thanks for sharing your interesting story. At SAP the classroom training as preparation for certification provides system access so it is difficult to say what happened with your former student. It would only be guesswork on my part ( could have been a non-SAP training, technical problems in the class, a bunch of other possibilities …)

      Best regards


      • Hi Sue

        You are correct there could be many reasons why this consultant did not get “hands on” experience with HANA in their training.  However the real issue that this consultant became a SAP Certified HANA Consultant without ever logging onto the system.



  • Thanks for the comments above… just a reminder that we’re still on the lookout for more Certification Success Stories.  For inspiration, please take a look at Christine’s story on the original blog I added:

    [embed width="425" height="350"][/embed]

    Do please upload your video to You Tube or other sharing site and post the link here.  Don’t forget you could win a 12 month subscription to SAP Learning Hub

  • Hello,

    I have about the changes in the certification following question:

    If there changes for SAP Business ByDesign certification too

    Best Regards

    Hendrik Neumann

  • Hello,

    I would kindly ask about some conclusion of this “topic” or “competition”. It seems that not much videos have been submitted. But I tried to attend, so I am curious of some conclusion. Thanks for naswer.