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SAP M-Prize Challenge: Finalists Show Why “Collaboration is the New Black”

Whether a large enterprise looking to reinvigorate innovation or a startup venture with a fresh, disruptive idea – these finalists in the SAP M-Prize “Unlimited Human Potential” Challenge prove that there’s a size and fit of collaboration to suit every business. Let their “stories and hacks” inspire you to try on a more collaborative style in your next project.

This is the fourth in a series of blogs spotlighting the 18 entries under consideration to win. To read about the other finalists, follow the links listed at the end of this blog.

Collaborative Funding   : Dissolve authority, empower everyone, and crowdsource a smarter, transparent budget – that was the challenge social enterprise Enspiral took up when it set out to reimagine the budgeting process based on its organizational values of collaboration and transparency. The result is Collaborative Funding, a non-hierarchical and transparent process that “crowdsources” the budget from among members of the group according to collective organizational priorities. In the video below, you can see the alpha version of Cobudget, Enspiral’s own collaborative budgeting tool – gamified, visually-engaging, and definitely disruptive.    

Synergy Generator : Chilean port authority Agencias Maritimas Agental LTDA, with support from consultancy Aukan, created a series of internal corporate challenges to spur innovation by asking employees, “How might we create strong and fruitful synergies for the years to come?” The Synergy Generator, a game-like tool to drive innovation, has helped the teams achieve a new perspective on their regular work and has unlocked multiple value-enhancing scenarios involving previously overlooked business partners. One of those scenarios was considered valuable enough to receive immediate support from management and is now being implemented. Watch a demo of the Synergy Generator here:

People connect to change  : Natura, Brazil’s biggest manufacturer of cosmetics and toiletries, needed to integrate digital tools and resources into its business processes to maintain competitiveness, but it recognized that real organizational transformation could only be achieved if it were introduced in a collaborative, non-hierarchical way. Bringing about a new mindset required breaking down siloes and traditional thinking. Conexões 2.0 is an open space for collaboration and innovation that brings together people from across the organization and where anyone can contribute. You can find out more in the video below (in Portuguese, but you can activate the English subtitles in YouTube).

Startup Weekend  : Disrupting old-school notions about what it takes to launch a venture, Startup Weekened brings together entrepreneurs from both business and technical backgrounds to share innovative ideas, as well as build and validate their concepts. Since 2009, Startup Weekend has been held in more than 65 countries, more than 35,000 participants attending. Of the manifold ventures it has propagated, 850 are still active and many have received funding.

Kickstart Ventures, Inc.  : The uncorporate incubator, Philippines-based Kickstart Ventures works with startups to help them get the resources, funding, and coaching they need to bring their technology-based ideas to market. Established in 2012 with Globe Telecom, the Philippines second largest telco, as its answer to the Innovator’s Dilemma, Kickstart is having real impact in the Philippines market: 17 startups funded, 177 new jobs created in startup teams, and more than 521,000 users of products and services from portfolio companies. Find out more in the video below:

Each of these contestants is competing for prizes including the chance for their winning entries to be recognized at SAP’s annual SAPPHIRE NOW event June 3-5, USD $50,000 in funding from SAP Ventures, and a Design Thinking Workshop with experts from SAP Labs.

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