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In this Document, I would like to share my experience in Installing and configuring Data Services 4.2 SP01.

Best Practice: Before installing SAP Data services 4.2 SP01, we may want to consider disabling any virus protection software to avoid installation performance degradation.

Log on to Windows Server that will host Data Services 4.1 SP02


We have passed all Prerequisites with exception of the optional SAP HOST Agent. Since we do not have a SAP HOST Agent, which is fine.

Some of the prerequisites it checked for

Optional – Microsoft.NET framework 3.5 or Higher
Critical – Detected Active processes (just checks to make sure there are no active processes)
Optional- SAP HOST Agent
Critical – Detect existing Data Services version
Critical- Platform Memory architecture
Critical- Microsoft Windows version
Optional- SAP Business Objects Enterprise

Critical – SAP Business Objects Version
Critical- Cannot Coexist with 32 bit Installation

The next screen comes up with some pre installation instructions that tell us to close all the running programs and some copyright information.


The next screen that comes up is the License agreement screen. We must read and accept the license agreement to proceed.


The next screen that comes up is the product registration screen. Here we have to provide product key code for Data services 4.2 SP01/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/1_458434.png

The next screen that comes up is the Specify Destination Folder screen. Which is already pointing to the location we installed IPS ( D:\Programfiles(x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\ ).


The next screen that comes up is the choose Language packs screen. Here is where we will choose the language packs we want. We can also select All Languages box if we need all the languages.


The next screen that comes up is the specify CMS connection Information. Data Services now is integrated with IPS.

This screen we will add the CMS information from the IPS install we did earlier.


The next screen that comes up is the warning that it will need to stop the SIA then restart the SIA. It also tells us to ensure the FRS (File Repository Servers) are enabled. Click YES

The next screen is Installation type, where we have to select Install with default configuration.


The next screen provides us with list of check boxes that allows selecting the features that we want.


The next screen takes us to the local repository database where we selected Microsoft_SQL_Server from the drop down list box.


The next screen that comes up is to select the authentication for access the repository.


The next screen that comes up is the Login information. This is the login account that will be used to run the Data Services service.


In our case we provide the User Name and password

The next screen is the start installation screen. This screen allows going back and changing any information that we want.


Once we select next the install begins


Once the installation is finished if the install went successfully, we will receive the screen that says the install was successful.


After the installation is completed click finish to exit from the installation setup completely./wp-content/uploads/2014/05/1_458434.png

In order to complete our Data services 4.2 Installation successfully it is recommended to restart the machine.

Click yes under the Reboot required tab.


For IPS Installtion steps please select the  link below

IPS 4.1 SP02 Installation and configuration – Detailed View


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