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Kapsel SDK and the SAP Fiori Client

When we released the SAP Fiori Client earlier this year, many of our customers immediately started asking for the ability to customize the application for their specific environments. Because we had released the application through the public app stores, for one of the supported platforms, we lost our ability to distribute source code or provide a way for our customers to easily customize the application. This also limited our ability to secure the application using the SAP Mobile Secure offering.

In many cases, some customers wanted to be able to change the application title and/or icon, but most customers also wanted to add one or more additional plugins to the application. Enabling camera support, enabling barcode scanning, access to contacts and more became common requests.

To accommodate these requests and to make the SAP Fiori Client a much more flexible solution, we’re providing an option that will allow customers and partners to create their own, custom version of the application. Beginning with the SMP SDK SP04 release, the SAP Fiori Client capabilities will be exposed as Kapsel plugins.

Included with the SDK will be an executable script a developer can use to create the standard SAP Fiori Client application which can then be customized as needed. Once the application has been created, the developer can customize the application’s icon, title and initialization code to accommodate the specific requirements for the application. The developer can add additional plugins to the application as well, adding additional capabilities to the application using whatever plugins are needed.

The SAP Fiori Client will continue to be distributed through the app stores – it will simply be a generic implementation of the SAP Fiori Client built using the new Kapsel plugins.

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  • Hi John,

    This sounds excellent, but to clarify a couple of points:

    . If you just need the Fiori client equivalent with new branding, and no SMP because you are using something like Cisco AnyConnect or similar, is there an associated cost?

    . When is SP04 released?

    . Has any advancement in pushing UI5 libraries in the background (possibly through SMP) been achieved since the original Fiori client so that users don’t get the full load issue upon starting when the version changes?



    • Matt, Unfortunately No. Your options are to use the app store version or build your own via the SDK. The app store version is free. To use the SDK version, you will need to be an SMP customer. No plans for any other option, but that of course could change.

      We’re looking at options to have an even better effect on performance using SMP. Using SMP’s AppUpdate process to deliver any Fiori asset (including UI5) is under consideration. If we implement AppUpdate for example, we’ll be able to do delta updates, instead of a full load on Fiori update. That will definately help with performance.

      SMP SDK SP04 will be released when it’s ready 🙂 – I can’t really say anything more.

      • Thanks John. Understand why it would cost something with SMP functionality (since it obviously needs SMP), but with everything in the fiori space being free, and this being a source code version of the Fiori client independent of SMP Android/iOS app, paying seems like a missed opportunity. That said, you say it may change which could be a flow on effect from the Sapphire announcements (fingers crossed).



        • I’ve started looking into this, I will update this post when I learn more. Stay tuned.

          The issue is that the SFC has SMP functionality in it by its very nature. The additional authentication scenarios require SMP for example, just by the way they work. Once OData offline is in there, this all becomes moot because the only way to do that is via SMP and many Fiori applications will likely take advantage of it.

          Anyway, stay tuned, I will get you an answer on that topic as soon as I can.

  • Hi John,

    Nice to know about this product and features. If possible, please post “how to” document on this topic, with step by step instructions, mainly SMP-Afaria capabilities included, apart from some of the customization features mentioned. Multi part document will also be helpful, with starting basic’s first and extending to advanced topic, like creating custom plugin, and adding it to the custom fiori client.

    Does kapsel (Custom Kapsel based Fiori Client) uses it’s own browser ? may i know what browser engine it uses? – kebkit?..Is it possible to select different browser type it should use internally to render the web page – browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, instead of it’s own.

    What are the Device type, supported with it , Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows(Mobile), Windows(Desktop), Linux!! etc.. ?

    Is it possible to make such app for windows(7/8) desktop, Mac and Linux as well.? It will be great if you can provide such capability as part of this product(SDK), with custom browser selection.

    Thanks, Best Regards.


  • Hi John,

    I have previously understood that SAP will provide a version of Fiori Client that can be used through SMP. I guess that is still valid, since you say that “The SAP Fiori Client will continue to be distributed through the app stores – it will simply be a generic implementation of the SAP Fiori Client built using the new Kapsel plugins”. But is there any timeline for its availability?

    Another question related to the currently available Fiori Client: can it be used with the very first Fiori apps (the ones from Wave 1 using the old Launchpage) or is it only compatible with the latest apps?

    Best regards,


    • Pekka, Available Now: this capability was released with SMP SDK SP04 back in June. You can use the Kapsel SDK to build a SAP Fiori Client that works with SMP.

      Fiori changed dramatically between Wave 1 and Wave 2, Fiori Client was created in the Wave 2 timeframe, so Wave 1 apps won’t work.

      • Hi John,

        Thanks for the rapid response. So my conclusion is not to expect SAP to release a SMP-compatible Fiori Client in the near future.

        Best regards,


        • Pekka,

          How did you reach that conclusion? I said you can use the SDK today to build a Fiori Client that uses SMP. The functionality you are looking for EXISTS NOW.

          • Hi John,

            Sorry for the unclarity in my wording. I understand that it is possible to build such a Fiori Client. But I was thinking of being able to download such an app from the store without any development efforts.

            Best regards,


          • We will be releasing a version of the app in the app store that will work with SMP. I’m not sure when, but it is something we’re planning. In the mean time, just use the SMP SDK and you can accomplish what you need.

            Most customers have told us they don’t want to use the app store version, that they want to change the app in some way and/or deploy through an enterprise app store. That’s why we’re expecting most customers to roll their own.

  • Hi John,

    Thanks. Very informative blog. I just have one query. Does SAP Fiori Client that we build using the SMP SDK support general UI5 apps? (not Fiori or Fiori UI5 apps)  Or is it that we need to expose the app as a tile in SAP Fiori in order to run the SAP Fiori Client?



    • There wouldn’t be any way to open the UI5 app if you didn’t have it exposed through the Fiori Launchpad. Therefore, you’d have to have a Fiori-supported tile in order to call it through this client.

      • Hi Gavin,

        Thanks for your reply. I understand that I need to expose the app through a tile to the Fiori Launchpad in order to call it through SAP Fiori Client even though we develop the SAP Fiori Client using Kapsel plugin that comes as a part of SMP and not the one downloaded form the store.



          • Hi John,

            We are looking at hosting n number of hybrid apps from a container(something similar to hwc). We are planning to use Kapsel container for the same but since Kapsel supports only a single web application out of the box and we need to write a wrapper app for kapsel to support n apps.

            I was just checking if SAP Fiori Client would be of any help here.




          • Thanks John for the clarification.

            My understanding is that we can host n number of hybrid apps through Kapsel. But this is not readily available and we have to make that happen.

            And, for distribution of apps, we need to use Afaria right? or do we have any other option for app roll out?



          • I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.

            No, you don’t have to use Afaria, there are many possible ways of deploying Kapsel applications.  A Kapsel app is a native app, you deploy it any way you want.

    • The SAP Fiori Client has been designed to run SAP Fiori Launchpad. If you want an UI5 application to run in the Launchpad, then you will need to expose it as a Fiori App.

  • Hi John, we’d like to develope a Fiori App with access to device cababilities such as barcode scanning and camera. This app would be started via Tile in Fiori Launchpad. On desktop device capabilities won’t work, but on mobile it would work if we use Fiori Client. Is that correct? If yes can I create the app with Hybrid App Toolkit in WebIDE and add it to my Launchpad? Then I would need to create my own Fiori Client Version to enable access to device capabilties for my app within the Launchpad?

    Thanks for help, Thomas

    • Yes.


      I’m not sure I understand the last question. You don’t need a special Fiori client to access your app or the device capabilities in your app. Launchpad runs in Fiori Client – any app you have provisioned in the Launchpad will run in the Fiori Client. It’s JavaScript code in your app that interacts with the native capabilities through the Fiori Client.

      • Thanks for your fast answer, it helps a lot to get a better understanding. I thought the standard Fiori Client available in the AppStore/Google Play Store just comes with a basic set of plugins. If that standard Fiori Client allows access to GPS, camera, barcode, contacts and mail client we can use it and that’s great news, because we can use Launchpad instead of creating Kapsel Apps for every Fiori App.

        One more question: I installed HAT in WebIDE und emulated app with android emulator, so app was generated with local cordova. But that is just for testing, because my App that will be embedded in Launchpad only consists of the part which is developed in WebIDE, is that correct?

        • Yes, the App Store version of the SAP Fiori Client contains a set of base plugins and we’ll be adding more to the app over time. You’d need to make your own version of the app (using the SMP SDK) if you want other plugins in there.

          yes: Using HAT, you’re packaging a Fiori-like app in a Cordova container. That would be for testing or simply because you want it that way (our customers seem to want it both ways depending on the scenario). Once you have the app the way you want, yes, you would publish it though Launchpad.

  • John,

    Thank you for the explanation on the topic.

    So if i’m correct to create your own custom SAP Fiori Client the customer needs to be a SMP customer.

    Does the SAP Fiori Client needs to be connected with SMP all the time or can we also create a own sap fiori client as a smp customer without linking it to SMP?

    Thanks in advance!

    • To create a custom SAP Fiori Client, you have to have a license for the SMP SDK.

      The SAP Fiori Client can connect directly to the Fiori Front-end server or can connect through SMP.

      To connect through SMP, you will need SMP licenses for every user.

      Does this answer your question?

  • Hi John, thanks for the blog.

    I´m trying to deploy a SAPUI5 Mobile Kapsel application in the Fiori Launchpad, I´m trying to do it as a SAPU UI5 Application but I need the file Component.js and this kind of app doesn’t´t have this file. How can I upload an Hybrid app to the Fiori Launchpad? I was looking for a guide but I couldn’t find anything, I would greatly appreciate your help.