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sub-contracting Process – COR6 Raw Material excluded during process order confirmation……

Error: While doing process order confirmation some of the materials missed in COR6…..Good movement overview…

Reason for the issue: in Material Master -> MRP2 tab  …..Blackflush option not selected.


Backflush option should select either 1 or 2 …. Material master(MM03)


Backflush = 1, then system will automatically posts the goods issue when you confirm the operatoon using cor6….

Backflush = 2, it depends on the work center, i.e. a component is tied to a operaton and the operation contains a work center has the backflush indicator ticked, the component will be backflushed, if it is not ticked the component will not be backflushed……

CRC3 (Display resource)




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