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Wow, it is almost June already, Sapphire and ASUG Annual Conference only two weeks away, high time to welcome the new SAP Mentors!

SAP Mentors are the top community influencers of the SAP Ecosystem. Most of the ~130 mentors work for customers or partners of SAP. All of them are hands-on experts of an SAP product or service, as well as excellent champions of community-driven projects. More details on SCN:

SAP Mentor Introduction Slide Deck on SlideShare.



In the  SAP Mentor Magic Foundation document, we put principles together to guide our interactions: Lead by Example,

Passion, Constructive in our Criticism, No Culture of Entitlement, Inclusion… We are discussing amending these principles with Curiosity and Playfulness!

Interesting stuff happens at the intersection of different modules, industries or technologies. One element that brings you into SAP Mentor territory is going beyond simply being amazing in your area of expertise to look further to establish connections to other focus areas.

Playfulness may not be a prerequisite to become an SAP Mentor, yet when we are able to work/jam playfully, then Mentor Magic happens. Like the #suithugger campaign the SAP Mentors created 3 years ago in Madrid. It was the first time that Sapphire and SAP TechEd were held at the same p

lace. Ian Kimbell during the first night’s Demo Jam joked from stage: “Geeks! Be kind to the suits in the audience.” Chris Kernaghan and Oliver Kohl picked up Ian’s suggestion and started a #suithugger meme: meet a suit, hug him, capture it and share the picture on the internet. It was magical that after the first awkwardness the geeks were asking themselves, “whom have we not hugged yet” and the suits openly wondering where the SAP Mentor love is, if they had not been hugged yet. Whom do you know that brings playfulness, curiosity, and passion to the SAP Ecosystem? If that person isn’t an SAP Mentor already or listed below, please nominate that future SAP Mentor for the fall SAP Mentor round.

Life Cycle

SAP Mentors have a life cycle. After a couple of years, Mentors level up. They get carried in another direction. Then they join the SAP Mentor Alumni group. This makes room for new mentors to bring in their fresh energy and new ideas to get us to the next level.

SAP Mentor Alumni still make their strong voices heard from time to time. John Moy told me “I actually feel less pressure to contribute now that I am an SAP Mentor Alum.” That was just before SAP TechEd last year and then he wrote: Why I want my Fiori to run like a Ferrari, arguably one of the best SCN blog posts from 2013 as you can see from the very detailed comments even from the SAP internal UI5 team.

An extra big Thank You! goes out to all of the new SAP Mentor Alumni, we would not be where the SAP Mentor Initiative is without your help and dedication, mostly done on top of your daily work.

These are the new SAP Mentor Alumni: Alvaro Tejada GalindoAnton Wenzelhuemer, Arun Varadarajan, Dave Rathbun, Dipankar Saha, Harald Reiter, John Harrickey; John Moy, Lantao Yang, Martin English Nigel James, Rich Heilman, Somnath Manna Thomas Jung


Please welcome the new SAP Mentors that have been nominated by you the SCN community.

Bruno Lucattelli Brazil
His SCN bio is in Portuguese areads: Paulistano de nascimento. Programador desde os 16 anos. Consultor SAP desde 2004. Palestrante no SAP Inside Track desde 2009. Fotógrafo desde 2010. Tenho grande interesse nos aspectos técnicos e humanos do desenvolvimento e manutenção de soluções de software. — Google translate gives us: Paulistano at birth. Programmer for 16 years. SAP Consultant since 2004. Lecturer at SAP Inside Track since 2009. Photographer since 2010. I have great interest in technical and human development and respect the maintenance of software solutions. Bruno is very active at SCN events in Brazil. His SAP Inside Track presentations are very impressive.

Christian Braukmüller Germany
Starting with SAP Basis in 1994 …Decision to be an independent Basis-Consultant in 2004, to be more flexible for upcoming technology and user-group-engagement.* 10 times SAPTechEd-Attendee* 4 times InnoJam (2014 we (CloudSitters) made it at InnoJam and DemoJam in Amsterdam. Still smiling! 🙂 )* 10 times joining DSAG-annual conference (DSAG German-speaking SAP Usergroup) Participating at SAP-Inside Tracks and CodeJams and love to meet people from different areas of expertise.

Eli Klovski Belgium/Russia

18 years of experience in systems analysis. Performing ERP solutions (SAP) in financial modules: accounting, controlling, funds, project management. SAP full-cycle implementations, roll-outs, business flow coordination, support and data migration projects. Appointed SAP(SCN) moderator.Strong background in finance and economics. Performing financial analysis, costing, budget management, business modeling, etc. BI implementations in various enterprises: telecommunication, government, heavy industry, pharmaceuticals, etc. He is a long time contributor and moderator of the Financial space on SCN.

James Wood USA

Founder and principal consultant of Bowdark Consulting, Inc. Author of ‘Object-Oriented Programming in ABAP Objects’, ‘ABAP Cookbook’, ‘SAP NetWeaver PI: A Developer’s Guide’, and ‘Web Dynpro ABAP: The Comprehensive Guide’ — James is the perfect embodiment of what an SAP Mentor should be – empathic, approachable, respectful, and willing to go out of his way to explain SAP.

Jitendra Kansal India

Working as an SAP SMP mobility consultant. He has been SCN member of the Month in February 2014. He is recognized as SAP Mobile Platform Developer forum topic leader. Has been featured for SAP TechEd Live interview – A Year of Blog It forward and its impact on SAP Community Network. He helped the SCN team out at the SAP TechEd Clubhouse in Bangalore. He is an active SCN moderator for “SAP NetWeaver Gateway” –He is one of the top active contributors in the SCN mobility space.

Julia Dorbic Germany

Consultant, Trainer – Coming across the Design Thinking approach as an iterative, user-oriented process to solve complex problems and to develop innovative ideas based on the work of interdisciplinary teams allows her to work in a manner that she believes in. Julia is a design thinking expert and very passionate about it, has trained a LOT of the SAP engineers at SAP Labs China (train the trainers).

Martin Steinberg Germany

SAP Netweaver developer, ABAP, Java, SAP for Utilities, IDEX, IDXGC, PI/PO, HANA and fan of SAP Stammtisch München. Martin is very engaged with the ABAP in Eclipse team and spreading the word about AiE at his employer, training and public events like the Munich SAP CodeJam and SAP Inside Track. He has helped Gregor Wolf to grow the Munich SAP Stammtisch which is a monthly meetup of people interested in SAP technologies and applications from the south Bavaria area. He also co-organized the SITMuc 2013 and does it again in 2014.

Ravi Shankar Venna UK

Ravi Venna is SAP Certified in FI/CO (4.6C), SEM (3.5), BW (3.0), Solution Manager (4.0) and SAP NetWeaver – Security (WEB AS 6.40), FI (ECC 6.0) and Business Foundation & Integration. Ravi has considerable experience in the following modules of SAP: New GL, AP, AR, AA, CE, CCA, IO and PCA. Ravi is very active in forums and blogs. — He is one of the most celebrated members in SCN regarding his area of expertise.

Raymond Giuseppi France
Raymond has tons and tons of knowledge and has been contributing/helping/mentoring people on SCN for a long time. So much so, that over the years he has collected almost 24k points on SCN He works for the airplane manufacturer Dassault Falcon. From his name you wouldn’t guess that he is working in France.

Robert Eijpe Netherlands

Robert is one of the leading UI5 experts, as well as an expert on NetWeaver Gateway and NetWeaver Business Client. In all his areas of expertise he’s actively influencing SAP and giving feedback. He has a very good relation with the different product managers and travels to WDF regularly to discuss the products mentioned above. He has also been a semi-regular speaker at events like SAPTechEd and Adobe Max. He was the driving force behind the first Dutch Innojam event (which will be held for the fourth time this year).

Robin van het Hof Netherlands

Robin is an SAP NetWeaver Portal Architect / SAPUI5 developer with firm experience in the largest, technically challenging portal initiatives to date.He is a solution driven consultant, trying his best to provide more than extra value to my customers and their employees. I put particular emphasis on confidentiality, quality and client satisfaction while maintaining the highest technical standards.He’s recognized as one of the top notch software engineers in the Netherlands on SAP-Web-Products and plays an active role in the community.He printed SAPUI5 T-Shirts:-) They were very popular and important to get UI5 open sourced.

Tom Van Doorslaer Belgium

Besides extensive knowledge and experience in all things ABAP (OO, Webdynpro, CRM Webui), Tom also has a lot of knowledge in other fields: HANA, CLOUD, Mobile solutions, and integration techniques (and probably even more). Tom combines this technical knowledge with overall functional knowledge. He focuses on improving the user experience.Tom is always up-to-date with new techniques, both from the SAP and NON-SAP world.

Zal Parchem USA

SAP Related Only: Have done a large number of SAP Business One implementations and also helping out when the original implementation did not go as well as planned (I call those ‘fix er uppers’). Along with those activities, I continue to do spot support when requested by SAP Partner or directly from a Customer (User) of SAP B1. — Zal is going to have “WHERE am I???” on the back of his mentor shirt, as he is traveling the world implementing B1 and his clients have a tough time to keep up with him, so they always ask him, where are you?

<New Mystery SAP Mentor> Australia

This is a placeholder for a new customer SAP Mentor that was nominated, accepted, but requested to stay anonymous for just a little bit longer. He will be announced some time after Sapphire.  Stay tuned.

Jocelyn Dart Australia

Jocelyn has worked for SAP for a frighteningly long time. In her defense she did work both on several customer sites, and as a contractor in several countries, before becoming entrenched as part of the SAP furniture. Jocelyn stays at SAP because SAP is a proactive, collaborative, and a seriously great employer. She got a lot of nominations this time around: Jocelyn is now making inroads into Decision Service Management, and has also conquered BRF+. In addition, she is one of the top acknowledged resources for BPM, and her skill set extends all the way back to plain old SAP Workflow and ABAP. She has also extended her role to Process Orchestration

Luis Felipe Lanz Spain

Luis is a former Development Project Manager and SAP NetWeaver Platinum Consultant, that now work as Regional Partner Manager for the Mediterranean Europe, with the exclusive Run SAP Partner Program. — Support is getting greater importance within the community as well as within SAP. Luis was the first one within the support organization to see the potential of SDN/SCN years back and is best positioned to connect ideas from the community to the right people within SAP. Really an important role going forward.

Manju Bansal USA

At the SAP Startup Focus Manju helps run strategy, marketing and operations for SAP Startup Focus, which is an incubator program where we work with promising startups worldwide and enable them to build their solutions on SAP HANA. My job entails doing traditional product marketing, coupled with platform evangelization and building an ISV program to bring in outside startups / developers who can build their solutions on our platform. Manju led the HANA for Humanity effort with SAP.

As I wrote above, whom do you know that brings playfulness, curiosity, and passion to the SAP Ecosystem? If that person isn’t an SAP Mentor already, please nominate that future SAP Mentor for the round in the fall.

If you want to get to know them better, please join our 2 new SAP Mentors Introduction webinar happening next Monday 26th of May 9pm PST as well as Tuesday 27th 9am PST. [More Details including dial in numbers.]

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  1. Martin Steinberg

    Wow, awesome news for me 🙂 . As Julia Dorbic Robin van het Hof, Tom Van Doorslaer and all the others stated before it’s a real great honour for me to be part of the SAP Mentor’s family, too. And I feel a bit nervous as well (but I think that’s quite normal :-)) and very curious about what the next months will bring (Tom hit the bull’s eye by mentioning responsibility and
    carefulness) and looking forward to the new challenges which are waiting and to meet everybody in personal 🙂

    Hasta luego,

  2. Steffi Warnecke

    @the new SAP Mentors:

    Lemon give you two big thumbs up for stepping up to the challenge, the new big responsibilities that come with the title and (to not just scare the heck out of you) for getting ready to have some serious fun (as far as I can take away from several blogs about the Mentors *g*).

    Don’t forget why you were nominated, then chosen and why you accepted the honor and keep on doing what you have been doing all along, because that got you on the list of this blog. Go, Mentors! Go, Mentors! 😀

    1. Robin van het Hof

      Steffi, thanks!

      I’m afraid my nervousness will stay with me for a while, but I’m as excited as a toddler in a Toys’r’Us store to “keep on doing what I’ve been doing all along”.

      Having said that, I will embrace what Jonathan Becher calls ‘Thinking outside the camel‘: think different, act different

      1. Steffi Warnecke

        Well, it sounds like that is the great kind of nervousness, the kind that makes you looking forward to things to come with a pounding heart, sweaty palms, but a lot of ideas in your mind. *g*

        That blogpost is great! I loved the fable and what the author took away from it. 🙂

  3. Former Member

    My heartiest Congratulations to all the new mentors and alumni mentors. Keep enriching and enlighten us with your knowledge.

    Loved to see Jitendra Kansal’s name on the list – former colleague @ Defiance. At such a young age, he has achieved so much – first moderator and then mentor. He truly is an inspiration to many of us.

    Nice to know about some mentors whose contribution to SAP I didn’t know much about. Will check out their blogs and activity streams.

  4. Former Member

    Welcome everyone and Congratulations!

    Not sure I’ve heard of an Australian that actually needed to be called out as Mysterious, but anyway, welcome one and all.


  5. Jelena Perfiljeva

    Congratulations and welcome to all! Delighted and surprised at the same time to see so many names from “whaaaat, I thought they were already mentors” list. 🙂

    I hope y’all like SAP Jam, he-he… 🙂


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