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Sometimes we have taken MRP run but it can’t create Planned Order, Purchase Requistion for Material. Below are the some of the reason behind it:

1. Check the Planning file entry for Material. If not exist, maintain in MD20 by manually.

2. Check Plant level Setting, MRP is activated or not in OMDU.

3. MRP type should not be ‘ND’. It should be ‘PD’.

4. Check field ‘MRP dep.requirements’ in MRP4 tab. if it is ‘1’ then can’t consider dependent requirement

5. Material should not be under Reorder planning.Materials will be considered for planning only if stock falls below reorder point.

6. Check the user exit M61X0001 is activated for certain MRP Controller then it exclude that Material .

7. Check the Plant specific status in MRP1 view should allow for Planning.



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  1. K Kumar


    add the below one also…

    If already stock is present more than the requirement, then system will not create any planned orders or purchase requisitions…



      1. mahesh kumar komatineni

        Hi Aditya,

        i just want give a input, in MRP 4 VIEW UNDER storage location MRP tab if we set 1 in storage location MRP indivator field it will not be consider in MRP run.



  2. Former Member

    hi all.

    add another reason also can cause of none MRP result being created.

    if we un-ticked indicator of “production relevant “under component level of BOM, will not create planned order/pr for depent requirement



  3. Rohit Singh

    Hi Avinash,

    Good post. Please add the posibility of Phantom Assembly for which dependent requirements are not created rather passed to lower level.




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