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Material Search Help With Stock Details

The input help (F4 help) is a standard function. Users can display list of all possible values for a screen field with the input help.

This search help is designed using combination of collective and elementary search helps.

This attached document illustrates search help for material, by doing this Business can view the stock available in Quality as well as unrestricted while creating PR/PO.

Procedural Steps :

1. Decide fields required in search help.

2.Identify corresponding database tables from  where these fields  can  be retrieved.

3.Create  Database View using  above mentioned tables and fields.

4.Create Elementary Search help using above view.

5.Maintain Search Help and parameter Assignment.

6.Check   whether new Search   help appears in any transaction where material field is present.

Step : 1 Below are the fields considered for material search help with[Stock]

1.  LABST [Valuated Unrestricted- Stock]

2.  MATNR [Material Number]

3.  WERKS [Plant]

4.  INSME [Stock in Quality Inspection]

5.  MAKTX [Material Description (Short Text)]

6.  LVORM [Flag Material for Deletion at Storage Location Level]

7.  SPRAS [Language Key]

The  above mentioned  fields are available in MARD and MAKT.

Step : 2 Create Data base view using above mentioned tables and fields.

Now go to T-Code SE11and specify a view name and click on create button as shown below.



Enter the name [Z_MAT_STOCK_VIEW]  and click the create icon./wp-content/uploads/2014/05/pic3_455365.png

Select the database view and click copy tab.


Now enter the short description for the view. In table/Join Conditions Tab, Specify the tables MARD and MAKT.  And also mention the table joins conditions as below.


Since the material description is not available in one of the table’s referred, it’s necessary to make a join condition. Common fields of the table are MATNR.

In view field tab specify the fields required.


In the selection conditions tab specify the following.


Here  in the above  screen  WERKS equal to plants[For Example : 0001,0002] as shown above.

In Maint. Status tab specify-Access Read  only  and “Display/Maintenance allowed with Restrictions” Save this view. Assign correct package.


Check and Activate.

Step  4: Create  elementary search  help using  the  above  view, now go  to transaction SE11 and specify  the
search  help  name [Z_MAT_STOCK_VIEW_1]and click on create icon.



Now click on the create icon.


Specify short description for this search help.  This description will appear as heading of the tab in collective
search for material.
Specify view Z_MAT_STOCK_VIEW as Selection method. Specify “dialog with
value restriction “in Dialog type.

Specify   Search   help   parameters using   Z_MAT_STOCK_VIEW_1   view fields.



LVORM and SPARS default values are given as X [Deletion flag marked] and language EN.

Check all search help parameters with IMP (Import).

Check MATNR search help parameters with EXP (Export).

Specify  position in List and  Search areas.(for ex: give  1,2,3,4,5 in both  the columns).

Save and Activate.

Assign  the correct package.

Step 4: Maintain Search Help and parameter Assignment

SPRO    Logistics  
General   Material    Master     Tools    Maintain    Search



Select maintain in Logon Lang


select the included search helps


Now select the included search helps tab.


Now select a row and click on insert row icon, and specify the search help view we have created in
the previous step


Now click on parameter assignment tab and click enter.


Finally save and activate.

Step 5: Check whether the new  material search  help  appears in transaction where material field is present.

Note: This material search  help will be applicable on all transactions where material search  field is there.

GO to Transaction MM03 to check the output.



Here  in the  above  screen  in unrestricted am giving 50, which will display all the material with stock level of 50 in unrestricted stock.


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  • good explained how to get stock information into a search help, but it is not the available stock that you see, you just seeing the stock in unrestricted use. There is quite a difference between unrestricted use and available stock.

  • Nice,

    I actually do this once in a while. It can also be adapted for searching batches in production orders components, listing not only stocks but validity dates and the like.

    Good sharing.

  • Done this a few times, though always wanted to get the “ATP” in there too.  So the Client can use it for phone calls and can truly determine and confirm the delivery date that is used in the sales order to the Customer.  I have seen so many SAP Clients download this into the web and then use the traffic light method to show stock availability.



  • Senthil venu

    Good Work Buddy! Keep that knowledge coming! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Would like to add one small point here.

    3.Create  Database View using  above mentioned tables and fields.

    Before creating a new DD object, Kindly check if there is a same one matching your requirements existing in the system.

    In this case, a STD. view BIW_MARDT (Txt View for BW Using Mtls Compounded to Plant and Stor. Loc)  exists.



  • Dear Sir,

    System asked me to give Access key, i am not a Abaper than how i could do this. it is more convenient if you add these screen shot as well.

    Best Regards

    Mohsin Abbasi

  • Great work Senthil, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Could you clarify if this would solve the problem of mine / whoever has it.

    Executing MB5b which provides closing stock of STloc, Valuated, Special stock which is standard. The challlenge I have is whenever the user tries to download the report end of every month, the closing stock is not consistent when he downloads the report at ny interval.

    Checks in place :

    Posting period closed & no previous period is allowed.

    Also referred to note: 690027, Pt 4

    Would your report solve the purpose or how do I explain this as it is a std transaction.

    All I need is, when the user downloads the report in MB5b..the report should have consistent values. this is a problem during audit as the values keep changing.

    • Ravi,

            Values flowing here is consistent. Please follow the steps and check. We are using the same. This is to help the users to check the stock at the time of creating PR/PO.


      Senthil Venugopal

    • Hi Ravishankar Venkat Ramanan,

      Let me clarify first that this is not a report. This is a Search help we get when F4 is pressed on a field(Material no. field in this case). Kindly check whether your report has been enhanced or not with the help of a Technical Consultant.