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How to setup Fiori Approve Timesheet Application

The first step is to install the components and activate the service for timesheet approval (SRA010). You can find more information regarding this in the following SCN blog by Masayuki Sekihara.


SAP Fiori – Configuration

The Fiori Approve Timesheet application uses Object and Data Provider (OADP) framework to identify the manager and employee relationship. By default SAP provides an organizational structure view MSS_LCA_EE which uses the evaluation path MSSDIREC to identify the employees reporting to him/her. This will return a list of all employees working in the same organizational unit as the manager.

There are two main customizing’s used in approve timesheet application

     1. Select employees for approval

        The customizing is located under Go to SPRO transaction(IMG) -> Cross-Application Components -> Time Sheet ->

        Specific Settings for CATS regular -> CATS regular -> Approve Working Time -> Select Employees
          a. Create Rule GroupsSpecify the groups of employees for which different customizing’s are needed (e.g. Leave and Timesheet applications).

          b. Select Employees for Approvalyou specify the employees for whom an approver is responsible. The SAP default Group of Organizational Views                is MSS_LCA_EE. Create a new entry in this view for required Rule Group and Mode as CATS Approval.


     2. Object and Data Provider customizing

       The customizing to setup OADP can be found Business Packages / Functional Packages -> Manager Self-Service (mySAP ERP) ->

        Object and Data Provider


           a. Go to Group Organizational Structure Views– check the default customizing MSS_LCA_EE. In Fiori only one sub-view is read, the one which is in a                lower position (for e.g. MSS_LCA_EE_DIR which is in the first position).


           b. Go to Define Organizational Structure Views– here you will be able to see the object selection configured (for e.g. MSS_LCA_EE_DIR).


          c. Under the Object Selection section Go to Define Object Selection– here you will find the two rules that are used to find the root object and the                target objects (i.e. for us the employee list).


          d. Go to Define Rules for Object Selection– Open MSS_LCA_RULE5, this is evaluation path used to identify a managers direct reporters.


One way to test the customizing’s, is to run method GET_TEAM of the class CL_PT_REQ_TEAM. For e.g.


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  • Dear Sagar,

    I am trying to configure the V2 of this app. I am somehow not getting it right. Can you please help.

    Case: I created a timesheet, I am not able to see it in manager’s inbox.



    • Hi Pardeep,

      Please open a Discussion for your question.  It will receive more attention from the people who can answer your question.  I would also suggest that you visit the SAP Fiori where there is a lot more Fiori content and likely the answers to your issues.

      Regards, Mike (Moderator)

      SAP Technology RIG

    • Hi Pradeep,

      I am facing a similar issue as above.

      I have also configured the standard Approve Time-Sheet V2 fiori app. All configurations are in place. Even the Employee and Manager test id’s are created and pernr mapping are done accordingly. But here Employee(Manage Timesheet) is able to submit the time-sheet, but Manager (Approve Time-sheet V2) is not getting the requests in the app. We have also implemented some notes to counter this, but still it’s same.

      Could you please let me know if you started any new discussion on this and if you could share the solution for this ,it would be very helpful to me.


      Rakesh Singh


        Hi Rakesh.

        Did you receive any reply on this?

        I’m facing the same issue and if you have already fixed I would appreciate some guidance to solve it also on my side.

        Many thanks in advance.


        • Hi Felix,

          To solve this issue our Odata/ABAP team has created a BAPI for employee to manager mapping (to fetch employee details from manager emp number), after which it is working fine. There seems some issue with standard configurations provided as its not working with our scenario.

          Please check with you ABAP team and it should work after that.



  • Hi Sagar,

    Thanks a lot. Does this clearly means that Fiori Approve timesheet application doesn’t require Workflow and can work on above configurations ?



  • Hi Sagar,

    Thank you for a great post.

    We have another logic for approval, not the SAP standard where a manager approves the time for the employees in her/his org. unit. We approve time reported on WBS-elements, orders and cost centers depending on who is responsible for them. Either via cost center or User responsible.

    I understand that there is a badi that solves this. If we implement badi SRA010_BADI_TIMESHEET_APV (methods TIME_PENDING_GET_ENTITYSET and TIME_DETAILS_EMP_GET_ENTITYSET), how does that affect the customizing that you have decribed?

    Kind regards,