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Monitoring SAP Netweaver with Nagios

I started to implement a new plugin in 2013. It is called check_sap_health (i always name my plugins like this, check_oracle_health, check_mssql_health,…). Unlike the old plugins (check_sap) it’s written in Perl, based on the module sapnwrfc. This way it can be extended easily by self-written addons.

Some examples of it’s usage:

$ check_sap_health –ashost –sysnr 42 \

  –username NAGIOS –password *** \

  –mode connection-time

OK – 0.06 seconds to connect as NAGIOS@NPL|’connection_time’=0.06;1;5;;

$ check_sap_health … \

  –mode ccms-mte-check \

  –name ‘SAP CCMS Monitor Templates’ \

  –name2 ‘Enqueue’ \

  –name3 ‘NPL#Enqueue#Enqueue Server#Total Lock Time’ \

  –separator ‘#’

OK – Total Lock Time = 0.188 s | ‘Enqueue Server_Total Lock Time’=0.18s;;;;

$ check_sap_health … \

  –with-mymodules-dyn-dir $USER4/etc/check_sap_health \

  –mode my-bapi-bpgetlist –name A000000001

OK – BAPI_BUPA_CENTRAL_GETDETAIL is OK, found partner ConSol* Software GmbH, runtime was 0.14s | ‘runtime’=0.14;5;10;;

$ check_sap_health … \

  –with-mymodules-dyn-dir $OMD_ROOT/etc/check_sap_health \

  –mode my-snap-dumps-check

CRITICAL – 2 new shortdumps appeared between 20140509 171649 and 20140513 164249

More documentation and the download link can be found here:


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  • Hello,
    I am running the command:
    /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_sap_health –ashost –sysnr 00 –username xxxx –password xxxxx –mode connection-time

    And I get the following error message:

    CRITICAL – can not create rfc connection: RFC connection open failed: 2 / RFC_LOGON_FAILURE / Name or password is incorrect (repeat login)

    Help me,