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Author's profile photo Peter Ng

Initiatives on integrating Google Apps with SAP Gateway

If you are familiar with NetWeaver Gateway, you know how Gateway can be open and flexible to connect devices, environments and platforms with any programming languages by leveraging REST services and OData protocol. Gateway has been widely adopted by many SAP products such Fiori, Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint, SAP Mobile Platform, SAP Lumira, etc.

With more enterprise companies using Google Apps (like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc.) in their daily business, the growing demand of consuming data from SAP to Google Apps shows its potential in the market.  Last fall, we had the opportunity to explore this Google integration channel with Gateway with 2 SAP customers in the U.S.

Initially, from SAP side, we provided the test landscape maintained by the SAP Developer Center. Then, Google team had successfully consumed a service of Product object as an example to display product information in the Google Sheets from SAP ERP system. The Google Apps runs on their Google cloud technology consume the REST services exposed by SAP NetWeaver Gateway. This shows huge potential of improving the productivity for our customers and even customers’ customers when more data from SAP can be accessed through Google Apps via cloud or mobility.


The proof-of-concept projects are underway.  We are collaborating with Google and the customers as co-innovation projects identifying the following scenarios for the projects:

1. Create and update data in SAP backend using Google forms / Docs

2. Generate report in Google Sheets

3. SAP Workflow approval via Gmail client

On the other hand, for SAP Partners who build and sell enterprise solutions with SAP and Google technologies, they can participate in our new 2014 SAP and Google Application Challenge. Participating members will receive enablement and certification support. The finialists will get a chance to win a pair of Google Glass as well. For more details, check the page here.

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      Author's profile photo Krishna Kishor Kammaje
      Krishna Kishor Kammaje

      A nice introduction Peter. Seems to be a Google parallel to SAP Duet Enterprise product.

      Author's profile photo Mustafa YILMAZ
      Mustafa YILMAZ

      Until that post, I (probably many others as well) knew that the only co-work project between SAP and Google's Google Apps division to integrate SAP with "Google Apps" was the one which is being conducted just for "SAP Business By Design" approximately three years (since 2011 summer).

      I have some doubts if the demand of consuming SAP data from "Google Apps" is really growing, since there are already various solutions in the market allowing clients to do this (before born of "NetWeaver Gateway") and spreading of these solutions has not increased for years.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Mustafa,

      What kind of solutions are in the marketplace today? I'm not aware of any.

      Author's profile photo Mustafa YILMAZ
      Mustafa YILMAZ

      Hi Gavin, here they are in the same scenario order as mentioned in the post above ;

      1-) Create and update data in SAP backend using Google forms / Docs :

      AppsFreedom (formerly known as "Seal Innotech") had built these kind of solutions in the past as can be seen at before leaving that area (the integration of "Gapps" and "SAP" ) to dive into mobile world.

      2. Generate report in Google Sheets :

      A solution named "GoogleApps ERP Connector" from a vendor located in South Korea ("NetKiller") is already able to do this as can be seen at .

      3. SAP Workflow approval via Gmail client :

      "Kissflow" and "RunMyProcess" are just two with the other existing workflow solutions built for "Google Apps" . Particularly these two are able to integrate their solutions with backend systems (such as SAP) if requested (relevant sources at and )

      Author's profile photo Carlos Roggan
      Carlos Roggan

      Hi Peter,

      thanks for the introduction and overview. 😉

      Author's profile photo Philippe Bouvard
      Philippe Bouvard

      Hello colleagues,

      Sorry for this out-of-scope question but could you please shed some light on how to use Google Forms at SAP in terms of best practices and policies?




      Author's profile photo Mustafa YILMAZ
      Mustafa YILMAZ

      With the current features of Google Forms, there is no possibility yet to use them with backend (regardless of being on-premise or cloud) enterprise applications, since "Google Forms" does not allow itself to be used with master data from those types of external systems (applications).

      If your need is a workflow process solution on your Google Apps domain (an integrated one with your SAP system) then you have to choose one of the three following solutions; "Kissflow" , "RunMyProcess" and "Cordys Process Factory".


      Author's profile photo Paul J. Modderman
      Paul J. Modderman

      Hi Philippe,

      If you'd like to know more about Google Forms specifically integrating with SAP, drop me a private message.  I have some experiences and tools that might be able to help you, but I don't feel right crowing about my own product in a community forum.