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Thank you Dëv Päträ for introducing me to BIF chain, I really appreciate it.

Hi Guys, I am Naveen Vishal, SAP Certified Development Consultant, working with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) from the past 3 years. I mostly work on SAP ABAP Objects related to FICO, HR, MM, PM, ISU functional domain. My ABAP working tools include Webdynpro, Adobe Forms, Business Workflows and Business Objects, ABAP Objects, and other normal ABAP functionalities.

flashback : I grew up in Kota, a city in Rajasthan mostly famous for natural kotastone , kotakikachori, kotadoria Sarees and nowadays, for its entrance coaching for mass admission of students to various engineering and medical colleges like IITs, AIIMS, etc. It is also considered as one of the hottest and driest city in Rajasthan or rather India in summers.


Since my childhood, I was very found of computers. I remember my father used to hire a computer during my summer vacations and as a smallcuriouskid, I used to sit in front of it, exploring, for hours.

Computers as a subject came to our syllabus pretty early in school and as every other child I was very fascinated and attracted to it. We used to write small codes, tweaking, and testing them again and again, almost infinitely. On the same track, I took Computer Science as an Optional Subject (can only take it as Optional one) in my Higher and Senior class scoring maximum among subjects. Later on in educational life, I did a Bachelor in IT, Masters in Computers, Master of Philosophy in Computers Science, and MBA in Information Systems Management.

After education, I had to come out of my sweet hometown for job where i struggle for job over a period of 2 months in Bangalore. I got my first break in languagephp where i did some turnkey projects for 2 months.

I came back to my hometown after my stay at Bangalore for 4 months, when I got selected in in DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd (DSCL), which gave me first break in SAP as an juniorDevelopmentConsultant. I used to sit and code for long hours learning slowly in my own way, as there were no proper training provided by the company. I still love the company as it gave me 1st break in SAP, that too at my native place. I worked there for almost 4 years before moving to my current company.

Within this span of 4 years, in 2008 I got married to my lovelylady , from beautiful city of Udaipur. We have a charmingkiddo , currently studying in one of the best school in the region, DPS Noida in classprep .


Soon after joining the new company (TCS), I had to move to cityshimla (Himachal Pradesh’s Capital) for a government project where I worked for 2 long years.


cityshimla is a tourist place through out the year and its life is hard at such a place. Still we, as a team, prove ourselves and completed the project before time. Nothing much to do apart from work at there, makes me focus on sapcertification and complete it with flying colors.


I now have moved to Noida, UP (National Capital Region), working on a government project. This is my second Implementation project and proving as a great learner.

I do maintain a website for ABAP beginners,, for sharing basic ABAP knowledge.


Questions asked by Dëv Päträ:-

1. What is my Ambition ?

Do well in all aspects of life.

2. What is name of my best friend?

My best friend is Sukhwinder Singh, a sikhman , not in IT.

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Now, I hand over BIF Baton to my fellow Consultants:

Marc Augustin

M. Stitselaar

Rahul Verma

David Fernandez Castro

Sharath A

Vasanth S

Jitendra Yadav

Ameya Pimpalgaonkar

Merve Gul

I would be happy if they could answer these:

1) What makes you smile / laugh?

2) Had you not been into software at all, where would you have been?

3) What is the craziest thing you would have done in your life?

Thanks a lot for reading my blog. I would appreciate your valuable comments and feed-backs.

Warm Regards,

Naveen Vishal

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  1. Jitendra Kansal

    Hi Naveen,

    Welcome to #BIF family. Excellent reading. With the tag of “KOTA” i can remember my precious time spent around Vasant Vihar and Shakti nagar. Amazing experience. It was somewhere between 2003-2005 but it has changed completely now.

    Whats your kid name? very cute.

    Enjoyed reading your experience.



    1. Naveen Vishal Post author

      Hi Jitendra Kansal,

      Nice to know that kotathing is still within you and we have that ➕ common.

      And yes Kota is all changed now, and for better.

      My Kiddo name is Vedant Sharma and he is really naughty and out of control 😛 .

      Thanks for you feed-back Jitendra and be in touch 🙂 .



    1. Naveen Vishal Post author

      Yeah broth,

      I was lucky to be selected in Bansal’s at that time. 🙂 With passage of time, has become tougher now.

      Did you also joined any there ?? How was your experience @kota . 🙂

            1. Naveen Vishal Post author

              Nice Chandra, Cool BIF broth..Full star rating for superbly arranging all stuff..

              Nice to know you from Alwar..I personally never been there but I have few friends, and even one boss in last project from Alwar. He was really superb, I am guessing all Alwarites are… 😎

    1. Naveen Vishal Post author

      hi Vivek,

      Thanks for liking BIF and for good comments. 🙂

      Yes true. I too enjoyed my long stay at cityshimla.

      Wish I can replace that with ‘Dilli Ki Garmi’ (hotness of summer in Delhi)  😛



      1. Abhishek Agarwal

        Hey Naveen,

        Nothing is wasted Abhishek, experience is what we all gain and that’s all counts. 🙂

        I must say whose lines are GEM.Thanks for it.

        You know what,i get to learn so much from others experience here even other than SAP or Technical matters ,that’s one of the reason i absolutely love the community. 🙂 (and using it more than Social Networking for past so many days 😉 )

        Hope you have checked out the Coffee Corner of SCN.i am sure you will find many interesting things there.

        And i hope we meet on the SAP events in Noida.Will be fun to find a like minded person. 😳

  2. Former Member

    Hi Naveen,

    Nice to read about you and know about you so much better through this Blog.

    Took me time to find your BIF 😛 . It is very interesting and hats off to you to have gone through the struggle and achieved your goal.

    Kota has always been interesting.. the driest of places manufacturing gems of our future world 😉

    Wish you a lot more success in your life ahead.

    Thanks &  Regards,

    Tejas Bisen

    1. Naveen Vishal Post author

      Thanks Tejas Bisen and nice to know you like the blog. 🙂

      Yes it was really a struggling time for me back in those days. But yes hard-work really do pays-off.

      You are correct in saying kota_rajasthan has really produced gems for India, take it to any field; and keeps on doing so, better day by day. 😎 (really miss my hometown)

      Thanks Tejas for Warm Wishes and I reciprocate the same to you ! 😀

      Best Regards,

      Naveen Vishal

    1. Naveen Vishal Post author

      Hi Pedro,

      Yeah man! Its a  collection of 7 wonders of the world at kota.

      Statue of christ is replica of the world famous from your own city Rio. 😉

      Really enjoyed reading you blog.



    1. Naveen Vishal Post author

      Hi Lakhya,

      Nice to know you are at Kota and enjoying your stay there.

      Yes DSCL was my first company for ABAP and my respect for the same. 🙂




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