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Hello everyone,

Since Oracle has released Java 7 there have been multiple issues regarding the web intelligence java panel/RIA/applet in BI 4.x and XI 3.1.

There are various issues that occur from ones that are just a nuisance to actually keeping webi from launching completely, depending on your current patch level, JRE version, etc.

With the large number of issues and various kba’s that cover these issues, we decided it would be best to try and consolidate all of this information into one location.

We have created the following wiki that details different java issues that may occur in each currently supported release (XI 3.1, BI 4.0, BI 4.1) when it comes to JRE 1.7 and 1.8.

Web Intelligence and Oracle Java Runtime Environment Known Issues

Please look it over and leave your comments to help improve the wiki.

Mike Neville and I will be updating it as issues are discovered and then their resolutions and appreciate any input or feedback that you may have.

Best Regards,


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  1. Carly Thomas

    Thanks for putting the WIKI together!  Java’s frequent changes have been a serious pain point!

    This makes it much easier to figure out what’s what. 🙂


  2. Former Member

    /wp-content/uploads/2014/06/issues_468908.pngHello Everyone,

    We just upgraded from BO 4..1 SP 1 to SP03 – Patch 0

    We are experincing this error in when run a WEBI report in Applet mode. Any idea what can cause it. Thanks.

    1. Jason Everly
      Post author

      Hi Hugo,

      Sorry, I did not get an update about your post.

      Without seeing the stack it is impossible to tell what is happening.

      Check your Java version and make sure that it is recent as strange issues can occur with older versions.


  3. Former Member

    It would be great if you could update the 3.x page to discuss behavior with Java 8.  I understand it’s not supported, but we’d like to understand what exactly doesn’t work, and any workarounds to help folks limp along with have had Java 8 pushed to their desktops and don’t have permissions to uninstall and back down to Java 7.




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