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Password Reset done… still getting message ‘Access Denied’ for Excel Add-In for S&OP!

Recently, I got unanswerable experience.. just a learning! which I want to share with you all.

Some how while typing my password.. I was typing wrongly and in the process my user account got locked..

System Administrator unlocked my user account. Still I am not able to access my Account via Excel Add-IN.

I have requested my system administrator to ‘Reset’ my password again..On Request system administrator took the action to ‘Reset’ my password and he communicated me the new password from the user management functionality from Web UI.

I tried to access my user account with new password from S&OP Excel Add-IN, still same error message I got..


I repeated to Reset my password 3-4 times… thought to create a OSS message for the same..

One more try I want to give before creating a OSS message..

I tried to access Web UI with my User ID and new password which was set after ‘Reset’..

Got new popup to change password.


On this screen I have changed the password and used my user account. for Web-UI and then tried to used Excel-Add In .

YES, now it is working … just wondered… for Web-UI, I am able to access my user account but why not Excel-Add IN first?

It is a learning for me after Reset Password…. access your user account for Web-UI first  and change the password.. After changing the password, Now you are ready to access Excel Add-IN!!!

May be this experience is useful for Readers too!!

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  • Hi Anjali,


    Though i have changed the password from web UI but still and tried to access the EPM add-in Microsoft, still same error ..

    I do not know what is the problem my password is also changed from web UI and i am accessing EPM by web UI but still same problem. I lost my 2 days and not able to work .

    Any SAP notes or some thing which may help ?



    • Hi Ravi,


      Sorry for late viewing this message. You must have resolve it by this time. I have noticed this type of message come due to authorization at Excel UI. in Web UI we do not require any Planning area related authorization to logg in to Web UI.


      Thanks and regards,

      Anjali Butley

  • Hi Experts,

    We are facing Excel EPM log-in issue . EPM error attached 


    This is happening for one of IBP instance (New System) , Using same EPM/excel/PC i am able to access other/Different  IBP instance without any issues. Am i missing some settings in IBP system i am facing issue.

    Thank you,


  • This blog was related to S&OP on HANA which evolved a lot now as a SAP IBP. However, I have observed that the Error messages are not user friendly to understand in commonly used English Language by users.