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Import/Export functionality for creating Data Scrambling rule

Use Case:  If there is huge data for scrambling values to provide, import/export functionality explained below can be used.

Prerequisite: You are familiar with TDMS Work center and creation of scrambling rule

A.     Import/Export functionality for the values of mapping type in the assign scrambling type screen

1.    Navigate to TDMS Work center -> Data Scrambling




2. Refer to the SCN document “How to create Scrambling Objects” for creation of scrambling objects.

3. During scrambling rule creation, “Scrambling Type” will be assigned to the rule.

4.  Import/Export functionality for scrambling values is applicable for the below scrambling types

      a.     Manual 1:1 Mapping

      b.     Random Selection Table With 1 Column

      c.      Random Table for Time Periods

      d.     Value Range Table

      e.     Random selection table with multiple columns – (this scrambling type Random selection table with multiple columns(2,3,4,5,10,15,20,30)  is to used create global mapping )


5.  By choosing the push button “Export” you can save the mapping values entered in the column to the file in .CSV format (for example Scramblingvalues.CSV) in  your local system.

6.  Choose push button “Import”.






    7. Browse for the file and choose “Ok” button.

Note: If the scrambling values are already provided then choose “Overwrite values” check box and it overwrites the values with the values provided in the file.

     8.The scrambling values will be imported as shown the snapshot below.



     B.     Import/Export functionality for Table/Fields.

   1. Import/Export functionality is available for Importing/Exporting the table/field values.

       Note: Push button “Export” will give the file format with column names in .CSV format (for example tablefields.CSV) and save the file in your local system. The Exported file format contains (Table Name, Field Name, Primary table, Routine Name, Do not scramble, is a cluster table) as column names.

   2. By choosing the push button “Export” you can save the table-field values entered in the column.



   3.   Provide the values for table name, field name and give the value ‘X’ if the table field combination is a primary table field and provide the routine name in the file.

   4.  If the table is a cluster table give the value ‘X’ for the column “is a cluster table”.

   5.  If you do not want to scramble any table give the value ‘X’ for the column “Do not scramble”.

   6. Choose “Import” push button and upload the .CSV file with the table field data.



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      When I create a new rule, scrambling types are empty. How can I load the default values?


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