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Author's profile photo Bjoern Panter

Enhancing the ABAP Workbench with a website containing dev guidelines!

Hi community,

we all know that development guidelines are always in PDF format hidden on a fileshare or document management system. Updates are not really distributed. What if you would have a modification free possibility to show every developer of your company the latest version of guidelines located on an internal webserver.

Update: With SAP Netweaver 7.40 SP10 please use the standard behavior

ABAP Workbench Tools

     -> Initial page (SE80)

          -> Changing the Welcome Page

For all older releases please continue…….

What to do?

  1. Create a website with your own guidlines or use the official
  2. Create an implicit enhancement to the class CL_WB_INITIAL->SHOW_CONTROLS at the end of the method and add the following code

1) Klasse CL_WB_INITIAL, Methode SHOW_CONTROLS, Ende                                                                                                 A
*$*$-Start: (1)———————————————————————————$*$*
ENHANCEMENT Z_WB_START.    “active version

DATA:  l_url          TYPE char200,
             l_url_sec      TYPE string,
             l_is_ok        TYPE abap_bool,
             l_wan_flag     TYPE as4flag.
  data:    l_event_tab      type cntl_simple_events,
              l_event          type cntl_simple_event,
             lv_ssm_cust      type ssm_cust.

* Get the URL for HTML control
  SELECT SINGLE * FROM ssm_cust into lv_ssm_cust WHERE id = ‘SESS_WB_URL’.
  IF sysubrc = 0 AND lv_ssm_custpath IS NOT INITIAL.
     l_url     = LV_ssm_custpath.
     l_url_sec = LV_ssm_custpath.

* Check if this URL is valid/good
    CALL METHOD cl_http_utility=>if_http_utility~is_valid_url
        url   = l_url_sec
        is_ok = l_is_ok.

    IF NOT l_is_ok IS INITIAL.
          wan_flag = l_wan_flag.
      IF l_wan_flag IS INITIAL.
       IF NOT me->html_control IS INITIAL.
           SET HANDLER handle_evt_sapevent FOR me->html_control  ACTIVATION space.
        CREATE OBJECT me->gui_container
                container_name  = ‘IMAGE’.
         if me->html_control is initial.
         create object me->html_control
                 parent   = me->gui_container.
    l_eventeventid    = me->html_control->m_id_sapevent.
    l_eventappl_event = ‘ ‘.
    append l_event to l_event_tab.
    call method me->html_control->set_registered_events
        events = l_event_tab.
    set handler handle_evt_sapevent for me->html_control.

    call method me->html_control->show_data
        url = l_url.



*$*$-End:   (1)———————————————————————————$*$*


3. An finally start SM30 for table SSM_CUST and maintain a valid URL for the entry SESS_WB_URL

Now in your ABAP workbench the website will be opened.




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      Author's profile photo Sanket Chimalwar
      Sanket Chimalwar

      Hi Bjorn,

      It's a nice informative article ...

      Warm regards


      Author's profile photo Achim Töper
      Achim Töper

      Thanks Björn for this real helpful functionality.

      I just wanted to add a little remark.

      In my case it only worked if I disabled in the menu-path: utilities(M) --> settings the issue "Display Background pricture".

      best regards

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very helpful article...

      Thanks Björn...

      Author's profile photo Ian Stubbings
      Ian Stubbings

      Hi Björn

      Would it be possible to have the URL as a link to a Fiori launchpad? Is it possible to have a developer specific launchpad if it was hosted on Solution Manager for example?



      Author's profile photo Bjoern Panter
      Bjoern Panter
      Blog Post Author

      The URL can link to everywhere......also a FIORI launchpad.

      Author's profile photo Ian Stubbings
      Ian Stubbings

      Thanks Bjoern.

      As a follow on, does the URL of the Fiori Launch Pad restrict the use of only one per SID?  i.e. if SAP happened to deliver a Solution Manager FLP, would I also be able to use this as well as my own?

      Author's profile photo Bärbel Winkler
      Bärbel Winkler

      Hi Björn,

      thanks for this tip which I happened upon recently. I'm trying to follow your instructions but I'm not sure if I'm reading them right. Could you please clarify the following for me?

      We are on NetWeaver 7.40 SP11 and I therefore guess that what you added under "Update" applies:

      Update: With SAP Netweaver 7.40 SP10 please use the standard behavior

      ABAP Workbench Tools

           -> Initial page (SE80)

                -> Changing the Welcome Page

      But, if I go to SE80, I don't really see an option to change the welcome page even though I should have the proper authorisations.

      Am I interpreting this wrong and I still need to add the implicit enhancement?

      Thanks for any help you can provide!



      Author's profile photo Bärbel Winkler
      Bärbel Winkler

      Turns out that I did have to create the implicit enhancement in our setup as well. But after I had done that, disabled the profile setting as indicated upthread by Achim and the entry in table SSM_CUST had been added, this worked as expected.

      Really neat and simple to apply improvement!



      Author's profile photo Ian Stubbings
      Ian Stubbings

      Hi all

      Is there a way to remove the background picture checkbox for all developers programmatically or do I have to rely on everyone doing this manually?