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Dear All,

this is a SpeedDemo that shows a replication scenario end-to-end from an ABAP source system into a Data Store Objects in SAP BW 7.4. The following steps are covered:

  1. It starts with creating a view in the source system, combining fields from 2 tables, which is one of our new functionalities with SAP LT Replication Server SP6. Using the view as a template for the table you want to replicate, only the fields contained in the structure are created the target system, and if you use the view for initial load and replication (see the new fields in transaction LTRS), only the corresponding content gets replicated. This means that the view can help you to reduce the amount of data which is transferred from the source system into the target.
  2. In the BW system, you create the logical system in the ODP-SLT structure with the ODP context which points to the SLT configuration. Then you can create the datasource. You select the table to which you have assigned the view, then the datasource automatically gets the fields defined in the view. Create a Data Store Object and a 1:1 transformation, then you can create and start the realtime-DTP.
  3. You can monitor the data transfer in the SLT system in the Queue Monitor ODQMON. The queues containing the transferred data are displayed and can be managed. You see the compression rate of the data, the number of records and the data itself. In addition, you can define here the data retention period, meaning how long the data is stored for recovery purposes. Other consumers could now subscribe to the same queue and get the data.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Astrid,

    I’m trying to replicate view in SP6 and getting the message: table class VIEW of table xxx is not supported for data provisioing. How is it possible to replicate view?




  2. Former Member

    Hi Astrid


    For replicate to BW on HANA comparing data loading to BW, does replication server has more impact on BW on HANA side? What I understand is

    1. using RS the application tables on ECC side will be replicate to BW, these tables are not exist in BW before

    2. If real time replicate to BW, the IO on BW become very scattered while using data loading the IO is constant within a period. I’m not sure if this will impact BW side.

    3. Need to install DMIS on BW side.

    So far I only have above 3 areas, May you could share more experience accordingly. Since the customer will ask what’s the impact after using SLT RS.


    Thanks a lot in advance.




    1. Former Member

      Hi Pete,


      in general the impact on BW is rather low beside the fact that we can get the data in real-time which is of course possitive. But yes you are right SLT and especially real-time provisioning is another story with it own pros and cons. So it is depending on the scenario in the end.


      Regarding your questions:

      1) Yes and no. New as well as tables which are known by the BW can be transfered. In the end they are new DataSources and you can map them in BW with existing BW objects.


      2) Good point. For this reason I would recommend to add a DataStore Object in front to consolidate the data in certain scenario where many requests might have an impact. Usually you can solve this by the architecture itself. There are also improvements in this area going on. Stay tuned


      3) Having the latest SLT / BW versions installed: correct.


      Hope this helps, I think you find also more information here:

      SAP NetWeaver BW 7.40 – Real-Time Replication using Operational Data Provisioning (ODP)





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