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Purely data fields in conditions, no access please

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We had the requeriment to add custom fields in the condition which are meant to put some information,  no impact on the access sequence.

I’m not goint to explain how to create a condition table, acces sequence, blah blah blah until the condition is determined in the transaction, this topic is

widely discussed around scn one example isPricing in CRM using IPC

Searching I found this one, It’s a litte off topic but I would include because can be very usefull Have you ever needed to change condition tables generated in CRM?

There’s some lack of information on this topic, so I hope you won’t be attached to SAP support portal and the debugger so long as I was 😛

What properties my field should have?


When we create our new field in the Condition field catalog, we should ensure the virtual attribute is A, C or E. as you can observe E is obsolete, so better don’t use it 😉 if you don’t select one of those values, the field won’t be avaliable in the field list during the Condition Table creation step,

How the Condition table should be created?

You can select all the fields you need, the important step is uncheck the SearchFI (Search Field) column, so the field won’t be considerated in the sequence, you can check F1 on the field for the standard documentation.


Some times you mark or unmark the search field column and the system automatically do what he wants after save/activation, this is some kind of bug that can be solved by exit the whole spro and entering again. nice uh? 😈

To ensure everything is fine go to the physcal table via SE11 and find your data type field at the end of the table fields after the include /SAPCND/TEMPLATE_SUPP_KEY)

Creating the access sequence

You must use b otherwise when you create a Follow up document (A->B) the conditions won’t be copied, the system will trigger a redetermination in the document B, this is bad… Imagine the follwoing scenario: Sales Order->Return in the moment of the creation of the return the conditions which applied on the Sales order are expired or changed, the valoration of both documents will differ. Pricing copy from Sales order to Return




I will skip the next steps and go directly to the condition maitenance in the WebClient

Strange behaviour in the WebUI

I selected the condition type and created the condition.


As you can se the condition is saved but my custom field is empty, that’s ok, but if you look close, the field is marked as mandatory I raised an Incident to SAP….waiting for the response.

If I create the condition in SAP GUI I also can save it so I guess is some bug in the WebUI

Update: 17.07.214:

Actually support guys where pretty quick, I just forgot to update the blog, my bad… Here’s the note:

2020006 – Condition Maintenance: Field with access type ‘b’ is displayed as mandatory in Web UI

I’m afraid is still a pilot node, patience 😉

I hope you find this blog usefull.



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