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Password protecting your dashboard

This is a method that can be used to protect your dashboard for unauthorized access. However, in an enterprise environment, when the Dashboard Design dashboard is published in SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, the security is managed by the BusinessObjects Enterprise platform.

For this you have to follow following steps:

1.Drag a rectangle component into the canvas and resize it so that it covers the whole dashboard.

2.Go to the properties pane of the rectangle component and switch the Type setting from None to Solid. You can also change the color and the level of transparency here.

3.Add a label component to the canvas and place it in the middle of the dashboard.

4.Enter the following text: Please enter your password:. In the Layout menu of the Appearance tab, you can check the Show Fill option to show a background color for this component.

5.Now add an input text component and place it below the label component. In the General tab of the properties pane, you should bind the Destination field to spreadsheet cell K2. In the Behavior tab, check the option to Enable Password Protection. This ensures that only asterisks (*) are displayed when the user enters the password.

6.Select the three components you just added and group them.

7.Go to the properties pane for the grouped components. It is time to set up Dynamic Visibility. Bind the Status option to spreadsheet cell K1. Enter value 1 in the Key field.

8.Now we have to set up some Excel logic to make this work. In spreadsheet cell K1, enter the following formula: =IF(K2=”YourPassword”,0,1), where ‘YourPassword’ should be replaced with a password of your choice.

9.Hit the Preview button and try to log in to this dashboard by entering your password.


Shardendu Pandey

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