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Author's profile photo Ronen Weisz

Opening the workflow focus topic in the SAP customer connection/influence program

Don’t you sometime wish that you can ask for improvement from SAP, don’t you have that thing you always say to yourself “why didn’t they do that this way” it would work much better; and there is that thing that the users are always asking you to add, yes it’s a small thing but it can make them just a little bit happier when working in the workflow.  Well next month you can! The workflow customer connection focus topic will be active! Get ready! see the project details in

A year ago I talked to my manager and asked her if we, since our company is a SAP partner can try to request SAP to make improvements to the workflow, not bag fixes but improvements, and not rewriting the module, but small things like logging substitutions, giving more options to the GOS workflow etc. Something like 2-3 years ago when a few notes came out and we got a few more dynamic columns ,an option to force a comment, a new editor! and more see SAP Shows some love for SAP Business Workflow

So we asked our local SAP contact person, which asked her regional SAP contact person and then we found out about the SAP customer connection program (or SAP influence) in which customers can ask SAP for small improvements. basically improvement request need to get 5 customers to support them and SAP will consider doing it defending on the complexity, usefulness, the way they think the system should behave etc. as far as I can see from other projects not all requests are accepted but a lot are and notes are created for them. see SAP Customer Influence: Enterprise Home for more details.

Since our company is a SAP partner and not a customer we can’t submit requests ourselves, but we can organize a customer group, so we did and wanted to start requesting improvements. however you can’t submit requests in any module. There are usually a few focus topics active in the same time for different modules, for example iCRM focus topics is now active, but there has to be an active focus topic on your module and there isn’t one active for the workflow module now.

The people in the customer connection were very helpful and told us that we can request for a focus topic to be opened as part of a SAP user group, so we spent a few more weeks chasing a lot of CTOs asking them to join and sent the SAP customer program a request for a second cycle for the workflow module.We received a positive reply from the SAP customer connection/influence program and a workflow focus topic will be opened in the end of the year so we can submit improvement requests to help improve the workflow in SAP. 🙂

Our group already has about 40 ideas for improvements, for example we want to request that substitutions will be logged in the workflow log, a date type dynamic column etc. Everyone can add requests for his/hers company or customers, so think about what you would like to improve and join us when the focus topic will be opened.

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      Author's profile photo Susan Keohan
      Susan Keohan

      Hi Ronen,

      Excellent news!  Those of us who have been building and administering to SAP Workflows for years have not seen enough improvements in this area.

      I hope everyone involved in this business critical tool will step up and try to participate in this focus group.


      Author's profile photo Daniel-Alexander Heller
      Daniel-Alexander Heller

      Dear Ronen,

      thanks for your effort in requesting this new Workflow Focus Topic. Might be a little bit early but anyone interested in this topic is invited to join us at Collection of requests is going to start in November this year. Already exited about it.

      Best regards, Daniel