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In txn S_ALR_87013532

Project PS-ACA

WBS Element    PS-ACA-G-E1-F6-M035-L030


Actuals 2014


WBS Element






PEP PS-ACA-G-E1-F6-M035        MANZANA 035






  PEP PS-ACA-G-E1-F6-M035-L030   LOTE 030






Another txnS_ALR_87013535

Project PS-ACA

WBS Element    PS-ACA-G-E1-F6-M035-L030

Object currency               MXN

Transaction currency     MXN


Project PS-ACA



WBS Element



Total Actuals



Total 2014



PEP PS-ACA-G-E1-F6-M035-L030









In BW, activate both data sources:

0CO_OM_NWA_1          Network Activity: Costs

0CO_OM_WBS_1           WBS elements: Costs


Load the data into the 0PS_C041 cube


Browse the data in the 0PS_C041 cube


BEx Query


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