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Assigning lost favorites to a user

Within this document, you will learn how to assign workbook favorites to a user using BW tables and function modules.

  • Open up table RSRWBINDEXT and determine all of the active Workbooks


  •   Determine the workbooks that were associated with their old user name
    1. This has to be done with the end user
  • Document the WORKBOOKID and the TITLE in an excel document


  1. Transaction SE37
  2. Execute function module BX_FAVOS_ADD_TRANSACTION


  1. Enter the USER_NAME that you are assigning the workbook to
  2. Enter the TCODE = RRMX
  3. Enter the TEXT, which is the title that you documented from table RSRWBINDEXT
  4. Enter the SAP_GUID, which is the WORKBOOKID that you documented from table RSRWBINDEXT
  5. Execute
  6. Repeat for all workbooks that you need to assign to new user name
  7. Transaction SE11
  8. Table SMEN_BUFFC
  9. Validate the USER is now successfully assigned to the Workbook ID.
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