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I just created a document to schedule a background job. I have taken CJI3 report for job schedule. We can also use CJEN ,CJBN etc. to schedule job accordingly.


Enter t-code: CJI3


Step2:                          Select layout with “/” special character.


Step3: Enter layout which you created earlier and create variant for it by clicking on ‘SAVE’ button.



Enter variant name, description etc. and ‘save’.


Get the program name for your t-code:




Log in the t-code SM36

Mention the job name


And press ‘Enter’ to get the below screen :


Click ‘ABAP Program’ ,Enter the program name and variant as shown below:



Click ‘Check’ and Save.


Click ‘Back’

Step 6:

Click on ‘start condition’ button



Click ‘Immediate’, tick the check box ‘Periodic job’ and then select ‘Period Values’



Click ‘Check’ and Save.

Step 7:


After saving you will get the status as “1 step(s) successfully defined”.

Step 8:

Click on X.png


Enter Recipient name and ‘SAVE’


Once you save, you will get the job status as ‘Released’



Step 9:

Copy the job and log in t-code SM37

Enter the job name and ‘Execute’


The output will be:


Select the job and click ‘Spool’ button.



Click ABAP List icon  B.png


And you will get the List as follows:


Thanks & Regards

Saurabh Tiwari

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    1. Saurabh Tiwari Post author

      Hi Rodica,

      Thanks. For editing the job: Use t-code SM37->Enter job name->execute->Select the job->Ctrl+F11(change)->F6(click on Step)->select program and click change (Ctrl+Shift+F7).

      Please check it should work.



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