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SAP HANA Cloud Integration : Content Enricher, Content Modifier

This blog will explain how to make use of Content Enricher, Content Modifier in SAP HCI within the Integration Process.

Content Enricher: This will help to call the enal resource to append the Original message with the message.

Content Modifier: This will help to modify the messages as per the final receiver format.

Business case: Here need to fetch the records from Successfactors system from “one entity” if the hrIdentifier value exist in the “some other entity”.

Note: For security reasons I did not mention the Entity names.

Here I have considered the simple use case where SOAP UI as sender and Success Factors as receivers(One for Content Enricher and another for actual receiver).

Step 1: Create a iFlow as shown below with one sender and with Content Enricher and the receiver (the one which we need to call with in the integration process.)


The next step is to define the Xpath from the response message. To get the response I have fired the service from the SOAPUI and  highlighted the Required xpath from the response message below.


Step 2: Need to form a Content Modifier  to modify the source payload with the Response message from the Content Enricher.

In the Content Modifier we need to define the Header and Body as shown below.



Body :


Step 3: The final step is to configure the actual receiver to the Integration Process.


Make sure that the corresponding name spaces were defined in the Name Space Mapping.(Module Configuration—->Properties—->Runtime Configuration).

Testing from SOAPUI:

In this use case as per the response message from the Content Enricher, the Content modifier will pass the same to actual Receiver. The actual receiver will be responded accordingly.


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    • Content Enricher does not contain any properties, but make sure that receiver arrow should have point to the Content Enricher.

      Content Enricher results the message which is same as Multimapping message in SAP PI.

      • Hello Narayana,

        I am trying to use this pattern for adding a session ID to my message before sending the message to the intended receiver. Can you let me know, what should be the input to content enricher in this case and what would be the output from it?



          • Seems to be the product is matured now, the time when i worked on the same it’s doesn’t have properties I have referred the standard document which was provided by SAP. Now I don’t have tenant access to look into this further.

            But when I look at the screenshot, it has the path details where we can choose manually.

            These things can be easily defined without this as well if you follow my blog properly.

            Coming to your design : Basically when you are publishing the data which is inbound to SFDC that should have sessionID  to be appended in the SOAP header. So let’s say SOAP Lookup and SOAP envelope which normally achieved with JAVA Mapping in SAP PI.

            Here, you need have a Content Enricher call to get the SessionID from SFDC and Input payload information for Content Modifier which needs to pointing to the actual receiver.