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  • Hi Jason,

    Very bold of you (and I applaud this!).

    For my part, I would like to know why SC Approvals are degraded if the customer has gone with custom workflows – application controlled – when upgrading from SRM5 to SRM7.

    The approval is still there, but it is out of sync with the other approvals (PO, Bid, Contract).

    So there’s a dare for you 🙂


    • Hi Susan,

      You indeed have set a dare for us 😉

      This is something which should be aimed at our Development Organization so let me run it by them and see if they have a response.

      Thanks for the response!


    • Hi Susan,

      Can you please explain in more detail what you mean by ‘SC approvals are degraded’ and ‘out of sync’ with other approvals?

      Thanks and regards,


  • Hi Jason,

    very interesting topic is a technical enhancement of UI5 shopping cart.

    How to enhance this app in a right way?

    For example add a new tray area on overview screen or position details.




    • Hi Konstantin,

      This is exactly why we have created the new category here, asking questions here should be of benefit, the area will be monitored and updated by the SSPUX Development team, so questions asked here should be answered directly by the Developers responsible for the application!



  • Hi Jason,

    Looking for support on SRM SUS configuration (Not MM SUS). Just wanted to know that earlier SUS was on BSP. Lately lots of things related to SRM are moved to WDA. Is SUS also moved to WDA? If yes then how it is different from the BSP one? What are the differences in configuration steps? Where can I get this as a document?



    • Hi Siddarth,

      The SUS application still uses BSP, it has not migrated to WD. Our SUS experts have created a very informative and useful troubleshooting guide for SUS located here. Maybe check into this and let me know of there is anything more required or any clarification needed.

      Link: -> Troubleshooting Guides



      Edit: Had to add in the link manually for some reason the hyperlink to UR Lwas not working correctly.