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Repetitive Manufacturing(REM)

Company manufactures product in large numbers and production is quantity   based and period based not order based.

  • Repetitive manufacturing is mainly used for the production scenarios with high product stability, high repetition rates, and low product complexity.
  • In master data production versions and cost collector is must where this is not mandatory in discrete manufacturing.

Application Areas:

Industry Type: Mechanical engineering, Consumer goods, electronics, and many more

  • Tact-based Flow manufacturing
  • Period based production
  • Mass production

Difference b/w Discrete and REM


REM Prerequisite

  1. REM Profile
  2. REM Indicator
  3. Production Version
  4. Product Cost Collector

SAP REM Full Cycle scenario

Basic Data:

  • Plant : TAJA
  • Company Code : 1000
  • Storage Loc : TA01
  • Material created :

Sir No


Material Type










Repetitive manufacturing profile to control how you want to carry out planning and back flushing in repetitive manufacturing

Basic control parameter of the REM Profile

  1.   Whether you want to backflush activities.
  2.   Whether you want to work with reporting points in make-to-stock REM
  3.   How you want to process errors which occur when back flushing

      Create the REM Profile:

SPRO Production Rep manufacturing Control Data  Create REM Profile Assistant (T-Codes: OPP3/OSP2)

With help of the REM profile assistant create the Make-to-Stock REM Profile “TJ” (REM Profile for plant TAJA) here GI backflush at GR posting check mark and RP backflush is mandatory/Optional(as per requirements)

                                 Image -1.jpg

  • Here Planned order reduction period is given 3 , so In this period system reduces all planned orders and run schedule quantities in the period


                                                   Image 2.jpg

  • Here below mention all movement type set for the REM profile TJ

                                                           image 3.jpg

  • Create the finished material Air coil with Repetitive mfg. indicator and REM profile TJ maintained in material master see view MRP -4 , ( MM01)

                                                   image 4.jpg

  • Please create and maintained the BOM(CS01) and routing/Rate routing (CA01/CA21)
  • Rate routing for top material Air Coil and assigned control key to the operation see in below pic, (T-codes: CA21), here control key using for UK01 and UK02 for operation. (Standard  SAP control key with milestone confirmation is PP01)

                             image 5.jpg

  • Create the Control key UK 02, with ‘milestone confirmation’ with help of the T-codes OP67. 
  • The milestone confirmation is a special form of confirmation, in which the confirmation of one operation causes other operations or suboperations to be automatically confirmed at the same time.

                                           image 6.jpg

  • Create the Production version T777 for finished material(Air coil) with help of material master change (MM02),  and in Selection method put indicator 2 or 3.

                                                           image 7.jpg

  • Production version is combination of the BOM and Routing/Rate Routing. Overview of the production version T777, more than one production version created as per requirement and make sure current prod. Version not locked.

                                                   image 8.jpg


  • As per REM profile selection for the product cost accounting


       There are two different type of cost accounting exit.

  1. Standard cost estimate per material.

You can create this cost estimate once in a period with reference to a routing. You can post activities on the basis of this cost estimate if you produce a material using only one production version in one period.

Using T-code: CK11N do the standard cost estimate for current date and period, And release this standard cost estimate through T-code: CK24.

  1. Preliminary costing for the product cost collector.

You can create this cost estimate per production version. This makes sense if you produce one material using different production versions and routing in one period.

Using T-code:KKF6N for create Preliminary cost estimation in REM.

  • Here we selected preliminary costing for the product cost collector in REM profile

                                               image 10.jpg

  • Create the Plnd.Ind.Reqmnt(PIR) for the finished material Air coil with help of the T-code: MD61

                                                                                  image 11.jpg

  • See the below pic of the stock requirement list after generating the demand without run MRP. (T-codes : MD04 )

                                  image 12.jpg

  • After run the MRP with help of the MD02 for finished material(Air Coil), MRP element is RS and order type is PE 

                                              image 13.jpg

  • In REM, we can do backflush(REM Confirmation) through  planned order or finished material using MFBF, here we selected the planned order

                                                               image 14.jpg

  • Checking with Post with correction in tool bar of REM confirmation page before saving and get the detail information of the all transaction variant with all detail.

                                                             image 15.jpg

  • After saving system posted GR and GI document(As per REM profile setting GR and GI done at same time)

                                                                                      image 16.jpg

  • After the confirmation of the both planned order, good receipt done automatically and available stock is 20. MD04 Screen

                                                          image 17.jpg

  • With help of the Document overview on MFBF tab, we know the detail of the GR and GI transaction, and with help of the Reverse tab we can reverse the process of movement and material back to the stock.

                                                               image 18.jpg

I prepared this document for the understand the basic step of the SAP REM process, and i hope this document helpful to clear the basic concept of the  REM process.

Request to expert please correct me if any thing missing or wrong in this document.


                                                                                                                                                                                      Umesh Mali

                                                                                                                                      SAP PP-QM Consultant

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        1. Umesh Mali Post author

          Hello Piyush,

          I will preparing planning table document and update very soon,,
          Before end of this week,


          Umesh Mali

      1. mahesh kumar komatineni

        Hi Umesh,

        thank you for sharing this valueble document. i tried it in my ides up to mfbf evererything fine there i am fetting error. No gr with backflush in case of reporting point logic w auto gr option.

        can youy please tell what i have to do to coplete mfbf.



        1. Umesh Mali Post author

          Hello Venkat,

          Thanks for go through this document,

          Please check the which control key assign in routing/rate routing, Milestone confirmation maintained for the this control key. Please make sure the
          RP backflush checked on MFBF screen ( Because in REM profile we maintained the RP backflush Mandatory) and assign Operation number(Control key with milestone confirmation assigned)on the the Reporting point field on MFBF screen,

          If you want to run this process without reporting point then simply make change in REM profile, select the RM backflush optional.

          Revert back if facing any other issue,,


          Umesh Mali

  1. Aditya S

    Hi Umesh,

    Yes, the blog is useful. Appreciate if you can mention clearly about significance of MF50 – Planning Table. Is MF50 Mandatory or Optional etc.

    Thanks for ur efforts. 🙂

    1. Umesh Mali Post author

      Hello Aditya ,,

      Thanks for go through this document ,

      MF50 is opetional in REM. I will prepare the document for MF50 and posting very soon  (It’s delay due to offc work load 😛 )


      Umesh Mali

  2. Former Member

    hi umesh

    Thanks for this doc. It was helpful. Can you also highlight how settlement / variance is done in case of REM with screen shots / T-codes. This will be helpful to me.



  3. Former Member

    Hi Umesh,

    Document is simple, clear, understandable and intresting & covered entire cycle. Really useful.Super.

    Can you also cover the MF50, MTO Scenorio, example on Normal backflusing and Report point back flushing, Activities posting during backflusing, how to collect and clear the errors in goods movement, liitle bit costing side(example on Preliminary costing and standard costing, Variance calculation, settlement) also please mention the Important T codes for reports (information).

    Thanks for providing useful document. keep it up.

    1. Umesh Mali Post author

      Hello Avinash,

      Surely, I will create REM Profile Document

      If you have any issue regarding REM profile, you can directly post here also


      Umesh Mali

    1. Umesh Mali Post author

      Hello Tallha,,

      Thanks for reviewing this document ,,,

      Your compliment,Rating and like are  motivated me for posting more document,,


      Umesh Mali

  4. nittala sreenivas

    Dear Umesh,

    Thank you very much for the document. I tried the scenario and got the result as well and now i am confident enough with respect to the REM process whereby i feel that i know some good initial knowledge in SAP PP

    With best regards,

    Sreenivas Nittala


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