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How to Resolve BODI – 1111205 Error when generating ABAP using Data Services

BODI – 1111205 is a common error when trying to generate ABAP code for an ABAP dataflow so as to utilise the “Execute Preloaded” option of the SAP Datastore option.


As shown in Fig 1 if the error message is “RS_CORR_INSERT:2”, then this pertains to the authorisations for the SAP user credentials that is being used for the ABAP code generation.

RS_CORR_INSERT is a standard function module in SAP systems.

The source code for this FM can be viewed using the transaction code SE37 on your SAP system. This function module has three exceptions. These  are




In case of the error message in Fig 1, the code returned by SAP is “2”. This means that the authorizations for the user credentials used to connect to SAP on the SAP Datastore does not have the relevant permissions for generating ABAP Code.

Solution – Check with BASIS to resolve the authorization issue.

The two key roles that are required for the user to be able to generate ABAP code are

1. ABAP Transport Creation

2. ABAP Developer

Contact SAP BASIS to ensure that these roles are assigned to the user that is assigned for connecting to SAP using the SAP Datastore in Data Services.

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  • I am seeing this issue as well but getting a different reason.

    1111205 error.png

    Our security team has run a trace and this does not seem to be an autorization issue.  What is strnge is when I close the error and repeat the steps it works the 2nd time without issue.  Any thoughts on how to get around this?


    • Hi,

      The error message “GUI_UPLOAD:1” pertains to the function module GUI_UPLOAD in the target SAP system you are connecting to. For this Function module in SAP, the error code 1 (GUI_UPLOAD:1) means that the file does not exist or cant be found. It is generally termed as FILE_OPEN_ERROR.

      Can you please send me a screenshot of the datastore configuration with all the advanced options in the Advanced tab? It will help in deriving on how o prevent this.

      kind regards


        • Hi Ken,

          Thank you for the reply. Execute Pre-Loaded is a better option than the  Generate and Execute option. I will update the document for the error message because this error message normally returns the SAP error message and related SAP FM/program involved.

          kind regards


          • Hi Rahu,

            Yes the error code is corresponds to a category returning the SAP error messages. It depends on the error message content with the code to identify a solution for this.


  • I have the exact problem as Ken Guyette explained in the first comment with the same workaround.  I am wondering whether to raise this to SAP or is this ‘By Design’

    Thanks for any feedback

    • Christopher,

      What version of data services are you on?  What we determined was that with BODS 4.2 they changed the security so that you could not generate ABAP in a “closed” system.  It still worked in our dev environment against BW dev.  In our integration, QA, and Prod environments we had to switch to “use generated ABAP” and then generate it in our dev environment and transport through the BW landscape.

      • Ken,

        Thanks for replying mate.  We are running 4.2.7 and I understand abput closed systems for generate and execute for QA and PROD.  The insteresting thing is that we are connecting to SANDBOX with SAP_ALL rights and with option selected ‘Generate and Execute’ it does not allow me to view ‘Gernerated ABAP’ but when running the job with this option the actual abap files are produced.  If I change to ‘Execute Preloaded’ for the datastore I can view Generated ABAP in Designer.

        Having SAP_ALL and being able to generate the ABAP through running the job I do bot believe the problem therefore lies on the SAP side.

        Cheers for any comments you may have