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ASUG EAM Community Webcast Series: Customer Stories from SAP Centric EAM (May to August 2014)

The ASUG EAM Community has just announced a four part webcast series that will be delivered by four highly rated SAP EAM Customers speakers that have spoken at SAP Centric EAM Events.

This year’s SAP Centric EAM 2014 was held in February in Austin, Texas and next year’s event will be held in March 2015 in Huntington Beach, California.

SAP Centric EAM has gathered a great reputation as “the event“ to attend for the North America SAP EAM Community. There are numerous great customers’ stories that have been shared at SAP Centric EAM; we are very pleased to share four of these customers’ stories with you in this webcast series.

Featured Webcasts

May 22th, 2014 at 12pm EST

Webcast Title: Build a Solid Foundation to Get the Most Out of Your SAP PM System  –     Keith Berriman, Agrium

“ Building new functionality on a shaky foundation is a recipe for failure.  Take the time to understand and solidify the basics. “ – Keith Berriman, Agrium

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June 18th, 2014 at 12pm EST

Webcast Title: Mobility or Usability or Both ?   –  Jason Moore, Marathon Oil

Usability and Mobility must be a unified effort that is built for the front-line by the front-line and is not just a flashy add-on to SAP. ” – Jason Moore, Marathon Oil

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July 30th, 2014 at 12pm EST

Webcast Title: BOM Creation… Where to Begin, Lose the Panic! It’s Easy   –   Scott Allen, Denbury

Realistic expectations are key to the successful execution of a bill of materials data strategy. Efficient planning of time and resources from both PM & MM is critical to achieve those expectations on a tight implementation schedule.   – Scott Allen, Denbury Resources

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August 20th, 2014 at 12pm EST

A Simple Screen Modification Can Renovate a Crafts World  – Wesley Dean, MillerCoors

“What if SAP was as easy for technicians to use as an ATM machine?  Creating a simple, “One-Stop-Shop” transaction inside SAP can help them execute transactions and receive assigned work with ease.  “  –  Wes Dean, MillerCoors

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This should be a great webcast series to hear from SAP EAM experts.


Check out full details of these webcasts and the speaker lineup below and signup today to attend.


May 2014 Webcast 

5/22/2014 12pm EST-1pm EST

“ Build a Solid Foundation to Get the Most Out of Your SAP PM System ”

Many organizations implement SAP to meet a particular need.  Cost Control, Work Order Processing or Preventive Maintenance.  As companies start to focus on adding functionality and expanding their processes to include Asset Management and ISO certification they are finding the foundation they built is weak and needs to be rebuilt.  In this presentation Keith will review the basic steps of work management and discuss some of the problems and solutions encountered by Agrium as they have expanded their system to include Mobile tools, Reliability Improvement and improved business processes.


· Understand the Key Steps in Work Management

· Understand how things can go wrong with this process from Agrium’s experience

· Take away key focus areas for improvement to your process

Speaker: Keith Berriman, Agrium

Keith Berriman, P.Eng. CMRP is the director of engineering & reliability for Agrium Inc.’s wholesale division. A certified RCM II facilitator, Keith has worked as a reliability specialist, maintenance manager, maintenance planner and project engineer in the petro-chemical, hazardous waste and forest products industries. Keith has 20 years of experience in reliability improvement programs, maintenance management, failure analysis and CMMS implementation. He graduated with a B.Eng. in mechanical engineering from the University of Sheffield, England, and is a professional engineer registered in Alberta, Canada. Keith is also a certified maintenance and reliability specialist with the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Engineers

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June 2014 Webcast

6/18/2014 12pm – 1pm EST

“ Mobility or Usability or Both ? ”

As Marathon Oil has expanded its use of SAP Plant Maintenance and associated apps usability has been at the forefront of every discussion. Originally that meant simplifying the SAP GUI, hiding unnecessary fields, etc. Suddenly mobility has dominated the “usability” discussion and quickly evolved from a future possibility to a true business requirement here and now. Learn how Marathon Oil has created a unified usability and mobility strategy that is now being rolled out to all of North America, how true value was determined for the initiative and how the human element is being addressed. These elements reach from our front line users to upper management visibility. For usability and mobility, Marathon has tackled standard configuration, GuiXT, Syclo, Adobe forms, Citrix, in-house app development, SCADA integration, etc.

•  Usability and mobility need to be one unified effort
•  Mobility is the piece of usability that truly accesses the human element
•  Determining the true value of mobility/usability is hard, but the value is HUGE

Speaker: Jason Moore, Marathon Oil

Jason Moore has worked extensively in the reliability and maintenance arena of Marathon Oil Corporation. He has traveled the globe working closely with operations, reliability and procurement to iron out processes and best practices using SAP. He has led the initiative to bring SAP PM for the first time to Marathon’s North American operations. Throughout the past few years, Jason has also become a process improvement champion for Marathon Oil due to his process orientated and collaborative approach. Jason earned a Bachelor’s degree in management information systems from Texas A&M University.

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July 2014 Webcast

7/30/2014 12pm EST – 1 pm EST

“BOM – Creation … Where to Begin, Lose the Panic ! It’s Easy”

Bills of Materials are the best tool we can give our planners, yet the task to set them up seems insurmountable, especially given a multitude count of equipment and thousands of materials in inventory. Implementing EAM for the first time and how to link thousands of materials with their equipment was a scary task, given no system existed before. After the initial panic, and looking over countless spreadsheets, we learned to collaborate with our suppliers in identifying spare parts they had provided over the years. The attendee will learn how to work with suppliers in developing BOMs and using LSMW to mass load. What was once a panic turned into a done deal with proper Bills of Materials and happy planners.


–  Gaining user acceptance through Bills of Materials in standard SAP
–  Logistics of the mass data gathering required for implementing Bills of Materials across a large area
–  Preparing and loading the Master Data using no more than Microsoft Excel

Speaker: Scott Allen, Denbury Resources

Scott Allen is the project manager functional lead for an SAP PM/MM implementation project at Denbury Resources. He has a heavy back ground in maintenance and maintenance management. Scott’s goal is to provide the end users with a user friendly system that provides support, not just burden. The team has been implementing standard process across the United States in multiple plants and oil field location using SAP.

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August 2014 Webcast 8/20/2014 12pm-1pm EST

A Simple Screen Modification Can Renovate a Crafts World

Maintenance workers are “hands-on” people whose major focus is on repairing malfunctioning equipment.  For these workers, sitting at a computer trying to dig up work orders needed to accomplish tasks in their area can be frustrating. Encouragement and coaching from leaders is required, to ensure the crafts understand the necessity of entering work order history in SAP.  This new screen will make it easier for them to do this, as well as other tasks they routinely do, such as part lookup, confirming work orders, and time entry.

A company specific transaction (ex. ZIW37) can be inexpensively created in SAP without using any third-party tools. The crafts’ scheduled work is pushed to them when they log on. A row of icons simplifies how they can pull up a specific transaction. SAP user training for the maintenance workers has been simplified, reducing training hours. This new Asset Care Desktop has brought outstanding results for maintenance workers.


• One-stop shop, accessing almost everything they need on just one screen

• Scheduled work orders appear on the SAP craft’s screen when the maintenance person logs on

• This simplified screen modification has improved the craft’s computer time.

Speaker: Wesley Dean, MillerCoors

Wesley Dean has 29 years of experience in manufacturing pertaining to production, maintenance, warehouse and IT. The first 22 years were at Coors Brewing Company where he spent his first seven years in production, then seven years as a maintenance electrician, and 12 years in IT as a SAP PM/WM/CATS configurator for the following companies: Coors Brewing, Plastipak Packaging, Eclipse Aviation, and CSC. Now Wesley is back at MillerCoors on the business side as a senior asset care systems engineer. He provides corporate technical leadership to the breweries in terms of asset management and material management, ensures compliance of the AM processes, and is involved with ASUG Data Governance for Equipment.

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