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SP11 of SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 is now available in Public Cloud!





The latest provisioning of “Intelligent  Business Operations” trail appliance is available at Try Intelligent Business Operations on Cloud Appliance Library .




In Q4 2012 we have announced the availability of a SAP Process Orchestration trial development environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows you to set up your own hands-on experience quickly with the latest pre-installed SAP NetWeaver Developer Studioand the sample pre-configured applications. Read more in this blog: Try SAP Process Orchestration in Public Cloud!

We have now updated the image through SAP Solutions on Cloud to SP11 of “SAP Process Orchestration 7.31”. It is equivalent to SP6 of SAP Process Orchestration 7.4. From now on, all new users that sign up for the trial will be accessing an instance with the SP11 version.

If you have missed them, here are the “what’s new” blogs walking through all new features and improvements:

What is new in SP8 of   SAP Process Orchestration 7.31/SP3 of SAP Process Orchestration 7.4

What is new in SP9 of SAP Process Orchestration 7.31/ SP4 of SAP Process Orchestration 7.4

What is new in SP10/SP11 of SAP Process Orchestration 7.31/ (SP5/SP6) of SAP Process Orchestration 7.4

Getting started with the process Orchestration trial on AWS:

  • Next steps are here:

Launching your instance via AWS CloudFormation

Quick FAQ:

  • I am currently using the instance. Could I extend the license after the initial trial period is over?

A: Yes, you could request a new 90 days key and then a new one as long as you want to use the Process Orchestration developer environment through SAP Solutions on Cloud hosted on AWS.

  • Is there any way to migrate my existing content on the SP5/SP7 image and start using the SP11 image?

A: Unfortunately you have to start over if you would like to use the SP11 image.

  • If I do not have any content on the SP5/SP7 image, can I delete the old key, request a new license key and start using the SP11 image?

A: You can request a new free 90-day license key from here using C73 System ID:

To use the new key you will need to delete the old license out of the system first in order to be able to apply the new one.

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  • Hi

    Great. Really looking forward to try all the new improvments.

    I have trouble logging in with user/password on the terminal server

    OS access: Administrator/Lokal

  • Thanks Abhinag for the Blog!

    Does SAP have a trial version for the its SAP PO B2B Add-on ? any plans to have this trial verison in cloud one in near future?

    • HI Sunil,

      We have some plans to get SAP PO B2B addon to this image itself. But it will not be in this year for sure.



  • It is confusing what we could use now. Link for AWS Windows for PI 7.31 SP11 is no longer working and there are some references to use operational process intelligence in the cloud with SP9. No clear directions and document.

  • Hi,

    I cannot seem to find “SAP Process Orchestration 7.31″ (or any other version) in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library for a free trial?

    Is this still available? I am looking for an AWS CAL trial of PO 7.31 or 7.4 which is the same as the on-premise version. Is such a thing available, or not?



    • Hi,

      It is not available yet. I understand the frustration, me too. In april I commented that none of the web pages offer a clear and easy access for a ready to go PO environment. Abhinag commented they are busy with issuing a total new and consistent procedure and be ready in May. It appears it is still not on although there are new landing pages in SCN.

      I remember the last time (2012) on Amazon, I paid a few bucks per hour of usage. I heard in one of the threads that someone did not shut the instance down over night, and that was like around hundred bucks.

      I found a really good service for 150 per month (way cheaper), that is “security” open, So there is no need for VPN (or logging on remote PC (VM) like you would need at ASW, The NWDS (local on your PC) can easily log in. It is 7.4 also the “export mapping” to excel works (a 7.31 SP 12 feature). This is for a configuration with ERP, and I have configured it on nwa to work really well. It is also very fast.


      DZ .       

    • Brendan, looks like you have to use now SAP BPM and Operational Process Intelligence on SAP HANA from CAL that has PO 7.4

      I was able to make it work after some struggle (and I had no idea about CAL – like yourself I found that link to 7.31 no longer works). It still uses AWS but via different portal and it seems that it will be SAP way to go. Below are my lessons learned that will save hours of your time if you decide to do it.

      So here what to do if you want to do this. Please read all these references: ( the one you need is SAP BPM and Operational Process Intelligence on SAP HANA [developer edition] on the bottom )

      Very helpful:

      SAP Cloud Appliance Library – eLearning

      SAP Cloud Appliance Library – FAQ

      Important: please use static IP address for your system in CAL – it will create Elastic IP in Amazon and public FQHN that will will later use in you PI settings.

      Important: Once system is active then enable PO from host:port/sld/fun

      There you can specify your FQHN that you got from AWS and it will correspond to static IP address. Make sure you do not there this Waldorf server that starts with wdf…

      Once Wizard is successful you can see that XPI Service: All Config Service has your FQHN everywhere.

      Final struggle was to use Swing Tools for ESR and Directory as was was getting message about port 50004. What I did: I added port 50004 in CAL as permitted port for my Solution in addition to 50000 and other ports that were already there.

      Hope it helps. Finally it is up and running.

      Amazon charges me $1.50 per hour for this system. So far I lost 20 bucks to complete “seamless installation” 😆

  • Hello,

    I think the PO Trial in Cloud is not currently available. Please confirm if there are any plans to provide the same in near future. Also I would like to know if there is any other alternative to try out PO in cloud.

  • This system is not currently available, it would be really helpful to get access to any system as I want to work on PI/PO and without system no learning earlier it was easy.


    Hello Abhinag Palvadi and all of u,

    thank you for the great instructions, I have installed SAP Process Orchestration on AWS and can now use almost everything, unfortunately I have a problem and hope that you can help me.

    My problem is that I always get an error message when I click on the Repository on a channel, otherwise everything else works

    Thank you in advance for your help


    Error =>


    Attempt to access application REPOSITORY using HTTP Method Invocation (HMI) failed. Detailed information: Invoking ROA method “ReadObjects”via HMI … FAILED due to following exception: Message: Connection to system REPOSITORY using application REPOSITORY lostDetailedinformation: IOException while sending request to “http://bpmhost:50000/rep/remoteobjectaccess/int?container=ejb”! Exception is: Message:bpmhost Stacktrace: bpmhost at at at at


    See error logs for details ==>