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Read All About It! The #SCN Daily News Is Here

We’re trying something new.    Today we launched The Daily News from Influencers – a magazine of trending content from key influencers on themes important to you, our SCN community members, sourced from both inside and outside SAP – topics these influencers are talking about right now.

We’ve envisioned “The Daily” to provide a new way to find and read critical content, to engage in a new way, and help you stay in tune with hot topics and connected to the influencer networks.

The Daily curates news from influencers in a highly consumable format across a range of topics like: Cloud, SAP HANA, Mobile, Analytics, Developer, and Internet of Things.

SCN Daily -- Topics.jpg

Below is an image of The Daily page where you can see the main topics across the top with separate topic pages for each, the “influencer ribbon” showing thumbnails of the most active influencers at this moment on the topic, and then a page full of great stories from SAP, SCN, and around the web that people are talking about right now.

SCN Daily Overall.jpg

Here’s an example of the influencer ribbon showing some of most active influencers engaged and sharing right now:

SCN Daily -- Influencer Bar.jpg

And an added bonus!   Click on the blue “Influencer Network” words to the left of the influencer ribbon and you’ll see a full page of all the top influencers for that topic.   Mouse over a name and you’ll see all their relationships of influence as well as a quick card showing key information about that influencer.   (Below see the network for SAP HANA with Tammy Powlas highlighted.)

SCN Daily -- Influencer Graph.jpg

And finally, click on an influencer and you’ll get a full page of all the stories they’ve been sharing on the topic.   (Below see influencer story page on topics around SAP HANA from John Appleby .)

SCN Daily -- Appleby Page.jpg

You can always get to The Daily directly from the SCN homepage.  Below see the SCN Daily feature box
(in red box) with a few of the very top stories. Click on “View All” to get to all of the SCN Daily stories and features described above.  We will also have links to topic areas from The Daily located on SCN topic pages as well.
SCN Daily -- Homepage Feature.jpg

Give it a try!  We look forward to your feedback.

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    • Google Chrome no issue, IE11 extremely slow, but after 30 seconds I had the same screen as in Chrome. In the company with IE8 I had for several minutes just white, then I got the headlines, but not the first 3 lines of an article. 2 more month and IE8 is replaced by Chrome

  • Hi Ludek Uher and Jürgen L  Thanks for the heads up on the issue.  Team has been working to solve it and looks like it’s resolved.   If you’re still online, we welcome trying again and let us know if there’s any issue.

  • Yes it is improved, IE11 is almost as quick as Chrome now, I tried in private mode to avoid that it is reading from Cache.

  • Hi Chip,

    this is an excellent initiative, and hitting the spot with so many people interested to get more from the SCN and get to the most valuable articles.

    I’ve been reading SDN and subsequently SCN latest blogs since IviewStudio became SDN over a coffee most mornings, and saving the most interesting pieces to my library, in the old days copying and pasting into word and these days saving into pdf.

    In my opinion, there is no greater source of the latest SAP information that the material which is coming out of the SCN. As somebody who has never been to a Teched/D-Code I have always found the SCN latest blogs as a fantastic resource for keeping up with everything SAP.

    Since October last year, I’ve taken this one level further and on a daily basis keep the most interesting blogs and publish the list of them each month as the SAP Architecture Focus blogazine. It actually doesn’t require much more effort, as on  top of saving the most interesting blogs, I keep a list of them and share the list at the end of the month, it’s an evolution of the approach rather than an innovation.

    The goal of this blogazine is to contain a list of the month’s most interesting blogs for SAP Thinkers, Architects, Strategists, and anybody interested in these areas of SAP technology and keeping up with the latest news.

    Observing the synergies between what I am doing on a monthly basis and this #SCN Daily News, and to avoid duplication of effort is or are there any opportunities for aligning the two, perhaps SAP Architecture Focus blogazine could become SCN Monthly News, or have a section of the #SCN Monthly News. Something I am restricted by is free time (aren’t we all), and hence what I compile and publish does not have the most beautiful elegant presentation layer, and certainly this work would profit from piggybacking such a professional looking presentation layer as the Daily/Monthly News format. Alternatively, one of my goals for 2014 is to create a more attractive template for the SAP Architecture Focus blogazine.

    If you and the Team share the view that there could be an opportunity for an #SCN Monthly News, and that the SAP Architecture Focus blogazine could be in some way incorporated in that format, then let me know and I will be happy to contribute my time to delivering that part of the publication.

    Again, thanks for an excellent development of SCN (and the wider SAP) content aggregation and delivery.