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DTP loads Vs. ODS activation – a comparative Study

Hi All,

This blog will help you in understanding the relation between DTP loads and ODS request activation in a technical perspective.

ODS request activation will be similar to your delta DTP loads where the delta requests(requests which are not activated) available in the source(New Table) will be processed to target(Active & Change log table) based on Request ID.

Source and Target : DSO activation is also just similar to you DTP load processing where your New table will act as a “Source”, your Active table and Change log table will acts as “Targets”

Data Package : Based on your system settings, alike the package size in your DTP settings, you’ll be also having package size in DSO activation settings       (refer T-Code: RSODSO_SETTINGS) which will be used to transfer the ‘n’ records grouped into data packages for processing.

Parallel Processing : Parallel processing in DTP is used to process the data packages in parallel. Similarly Parallel processing in DSO activation also will works.

From the below figure(taken from the RSODSO_SETTINGS) to illustrate Data Package & Parallel Processing,

  • Package size Activation will determines the number of records to be sent in single package(from New table to Active & Change log table).
  • Number of Processes will determines the number of packages to be processed at a time.

For example, If your New table has total number of records = 1,000,000; with this settings => Package size Activation = 50,000; Number of Processes = 4, totally 20 packages (=1,000,000 /50,000) will be created and at a time 4 packages will be processed in parallel.

Request by Request in Delta DTP loads and Do not condense request into Single request in DSO activation : When you select the “get delta request by request” in DTP settings, the delta requests from the source will be processed one after another and it will create separate request ID for each run. Similarly, when you select the “do not condense request into one request while activation takes place” in DSO activation settings, the multiple requests which are waiting for activation will get activated one after another and each request activation will generate new request ID.

To know more in detail about how the ODS activation is working please navigate to wiki page

Sharing even more comparisons(if any) which are missed above are much appreciated !!


Bharath S

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      Author's profile photo Ankush Sharma
      Ankush Sharma

      Hi Bharath,

      Thanks For this Document,I think By these setting we can also reduce the DSO activation time .



      Author's profile photo KD Jain
      KD Jain

      Hi Bharath,

      Thanks for sharing your views, DTP and DSO activation are general task inspite of this is unique view to compare.


      KD J