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Business requirement: Highlight any sales revenues that are below sales target, which is a user input control. In other words, if a user wants to highlight any sales revenues that are below $2,000,000 then he can type in 2,000,000 as an input and the result is similar the one below


Here’s how we can do that.

Step 1: Build a report using eFashion Universe


Step 2: Create “Sales Target” variable


Step 3: Design an Entry Field input control on Sales Target


Step 4: Apply Conditional formatting on Sales Revenues using Sales Target as an input


Now enjoy the result



Huu Nguyen

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  1. Koen Hesters


    create conditional formartting rule with formula…as formula try something like

    [sales revenu]=reportfilter([sales revenu])

    but to have the statement reportfilter to work, you have to set your input control over the whole report, not only the table

    1. Former Member Post author

      Yes, you are right. However, in some cases, we dont want to set an input control for the whole report, especially when the criteria only apply to a certain measure/dimension.


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