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BOPF Modelling in Eclipse

BOPF Modelling in Eclipse

SAP has released a new Eclipse based design time for BOPF modelling in the version SAP_BS_FND 747 SP04.

Eclipse based Business Object editor is available in the version 2.24 of the ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse.


Why another Design Time?

When we already have SAP GUI based tools BOB, BOBX, what is the need for another Eclipse based design time? To answer this question, I would like to highlight few advantages of Eclipse over SAP GUI. I am sure you will find much more when you work with it.

  1. The new design time is built in the state-of-the-art IDE for ABAP development on the open Eclipse platform. They are designed to increase developers’
    productivity while benefiting from the usability, speed and flexibility of Eclipse.
  2. One IDE for development in different languages like ABAP, JAVA, SAP UI5, etc
  3. Multiple Business Objects can be opened without any limits in the same IDE
  4. Quick search for any object using Ctrl+Shift+A
  5. Integrated F1 help in BOPF editors
  6. Embeded BOBT test environment inside Eclipse to test the Business objects
  7. Better navigation support via Outline and Bread crumbs



8. F1 help integration for each screen


Available features

The following features are available in Eclipse in the first release,

  1. Creation of new BOs
  2. Creation of subnodes
  3. Creation of implemented associations
  4. Creation of alternative keys
  5. Creation of actions
  6. Creation of queries
  7. Creation of determinations
  8. Creation of validations
  9. Definition of static and dynamic properties
  10. Calculation of node data default values
  11. Definition of node-specific data access class

How to install

To install the new BOPF editor in eclipse, simply go to the update site of the SAP Development Tools for Eclipse and follow the installation instructions.


  Stay tuned for further tutorials on BOPF in Eclipse.

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  • hi Panneer,

    nice post! unfortunately one needs to have a NetWeaver 7.4 to use the modeling in Eclipse 🙁

    AFAIK the “old” GUI-Modeling is available as of 7.31 or even earlier.



    • Hi Christian,

      Currently Eclipse modeling for BOPF is only available in 7.4 stack. We are currently collecting feedback and we are also doing some round-offs to make it feature complete in 7.4. Then we could think of downport to older release



  • Hi Panneer,

    thx for the Integration of BOPF into Eclipse.

    Is there a plan if the “export mode” (additional fields e.g. for setting BOs to enhanceable) and the BOPF enhancement workbench functionalities will be integrated also in Eclipse?



    • Hi Florian,

      Yes, there is a plan to make the Eclipse editor as feature complete tool. The enhancement support will also be part of Eclipse tool. In the upcoming releases, these features will be included.



  • Hi Panneer,

    I tried to use the BOPF tool in eclipse. However, also the system is on the right patch level (SAP_BS_FND    747    0007) I get an error message that the BOPF tools are not supported.

    Is there anything else that needs to be configured in the backend system for the BOPF tools to work? Or is there some dependency on a specific kernel version?



    • Hi Christian,

      Can you tell me the eclipse version that you are using? Did you download the Eclipse recently and from where? Could you also post screenshot of the error message?



      • Hi Panneer,

        I investigated the issue in some more detail. While doing that I noticed that eclipse tries to discover the BOPF ressource at the URL /sap/bc/adt/bopf/discovery. The backend replies with http 404 to this GET request.

        The underlying reason seems to be that the BAdI implementaion /BOBF/CONF_RES_DISCOVERY contains a filter for URL /sap/ap/adt/bopf/discovery (i.e. /sap/ap/… instead of /sap/bc/…). After modifying the BAdI filter as well as the static URL in the BAdI implementation class the tools worked.

        Therefore, I raised an OSS note to report the error.



  • Hello Experts,

    We have generated bopf using the CDS views, We need to implement the Status and action management . If we open the bopf object in txn /bopf/conf_ui , we cannot edit this object  to do settings in SAP GUI . Also in BOPF ADT , there is no option to assign the status class to the root node. How can we handle status management for such object ?

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Colleagues


    I have written a BO view with draft 2.0 annotations in eclipse which generate the BO. Now, I want to create determination in generated BO but I am facing issue while redefining the Check_delta method in the determination class. There is similar BO in draft 1.0 where this check_delta method is redefined. Could you please let me know how can I redefine this method?