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Tip for adding custom email templates to output forms

Hi Community

Just thought I would share a bit of extra knowledge on how to create a simple customised email template and assign it to various output forms. It took me a while to get it working so I hope this saves you a little time.

I write this with reference to ByDesign release 1402.

The on-line help page “Form Template Maintenance Quick Guide” gives you a good start-for-ten on how to achieve this, but I would just like to add an important point when saving your template in HTM/HTML format:

* If you use MS Word to create your template, make sure you save it in the right HTML format. Use “Web Page, Filtered” (if using MS Word 2010), and not the one named just “Web Page”:


The reason for this is that if you want to insert variable data into the body of the email text like, for example, the Invoice ID, then you have to insert the ‘token’ (or placeholder) for that piece of information in between square brackets, like this:

The attached PDF contains the detail for invoice [CustomerInvoice-ID].

And if you save the template in the “Web Page” format instead of “Web Page, Filtered”, then not only do you get a much larger template file to upload, but these special tokens (placeholders) also will not work.

Once you have uploaded the email template to your chosen form, and then – in your document – when you come to look at the email text after clicking on “You Can Also > Edit Output Settings”, you will see all the hideous HTML code from the template. Don’t worry! It will not look like that when the recipient gets the email:


So that’s my nugget of info for the day: save the template in the “Web Page, Filtered” format!

Attached is a small example of an email template for Customer Invoices which includes the output of the invoice ID, the total invoice amount, and the invoice date.

Hope this is useful to someone!


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  • Hello Tim,

    Thank you for this great Tip.

    Is there any possiblity to check how it looks like before we send to customer?

    I wanted to add employee responsible’s telephone number, Fax number, email address.

    But I am not sure the code whichI put is functions or not.

    Test system does not send out message, and I do not want to create test order in our production system.

    I’m testing your Tip with sales order.



    • Hi Yumiko

      Test Systems DO send out emails, but they are all just directed to a single chosen email address. You could change this email address to your own one and then check how the email looks (go to fine-tuning activity “Fax and e-mail settings”).

      Alternatively, why not use one of the self-enablement systems to test your template? That is what I used to compile this info page.

      Good luck!


    • Hi Fred

      Sorry for the late reply. I don’t think you can add placeholders in the email subject line. According to ByD case document 1757292 (at least up to release 1305), this is not possible but things might have changed in later releases.

      I did give it a quick try in release 1605 for a Customer Invoice but it didn’t work. There might be some special symbols to use but I couldn’t find any on-line help on this. You could always try logging an incident to see if you a more favourable response.

      Best regards


  • Hi Tim,

    I one of the instance the company suffix got changed to LLC and necessary change was carried out in Org Structure & activated the unit but still the email subject of the Customer Invoice still shows  as Inc. Is there a way to rectify the same.

    Note : Email template has not maintained for customer Invoice.


    Chempian Pontie

    • Hello Chempian

      I just tried this and it worked fine for me.

      A few things I would check:

      1. In the Org Structure, ensure that you have changed the company name on both the ‘General’ tab AND the ‘Addresses’ tab.
      2. Check the “effective date” that the company name was changed — did you make the change in the future? If so, current invoices will not pick up the change until that date is met.
      3. Are you trying to re-submit an existing invoice that was generated when the company name was still ‘Inc.’? If so, I think you’re out of luck here as the system stores all of this information at the time the first output was made.

      Note that when you changed the company name on the ‘General’ tab of the Org Unit, you should have received a warning message to also change the company name on the associated Business Partner record — but doing this change is not necessary for the email subject line to be updated with the new company name.

      If all of that fails, then I would suggest you log an incident with SAP Support.

      Best regards


      • Hi Tim,

        Thanks for quick response. Yes we followed all the steps mentioned by you earlier.It didn’t work still we are raising an incident for the same.


        Chempian Pontie

  • Hi Tim,


    According to the Help Documentation, it looks like you might not be able to maintain a custom email template for the Dunning Letter (I saw this in

    Form Template Maintenance Quick Guide)

    However, I am just looking to change the subject of these emails that contain the Dunning Letter. Do you know how to change the subject?