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User-Exits IEQM0001, IEQM0002: Additional checks in IH01 Structure


Like useful Enhancements  belonging to various packages in the area of Plant Maintenance discussed so far , we have  Enhancements in Package IEQM also, out of which the first two namely, IEQM0001 and IEQM0002 controls the Equipment Structure (IH01) as per the customer need. Through these Enhancements we Qualify an Equipment to be under a Functional Location (IEQM0001)  or under a Superior Equipment (IEQM0002). The logics to be written in the respective Includes (ZXEQMU03,  ZXEQMU01) are quite similar.


This document helps readers in knowing how to use these enhancements to maintain a Quality Asset Structure. As a demo, we will see here the use of IEQM0002 enhancement which defines the Qualification of an Equipment to be as Sub-Equipment to a particular Equipment in a hierarchy. The same will be applicable to implement enhancement IEQM0001 also. The environment I have selected here is a Fleet Structure where the Earth Moving Equipments  (Dumper, Excavator etc) are mapped as Superior Equipment and the Tyres as Sub-Equipments. Hence, this document can be read in continuation with a previous document with the same Fleet Background namely, Measurement Reading Transfer – A useful functionality.

Let’s understand how it is done.

We have so far seen where to write our logics in User-Exits. These basic were discussed in previous Documents like User Exit ‘QQMA0014’,  In a similar way we need to give the logic in the incluse related to our User-Exit. The include is ZXEQMU01.

There are 2 parts in implementing

1. List out your specifications required to qualify an equipment to be sub-equipment in a structure, like……

‘If the type of a superior equipment and sub-equipment belong to Fleet, if Position for sub-equipment is vacant, then only system should allow the Sub-equipment to install under the Superior Equipment’.

Demo Situation

Consider  a Dumper which has 6 Wheels. We then coded the wheel positions of Dumper as

Wheel Position
Front Left FL
Front Right FR
Rear Left Inside RLI
Rear Left Outside RLO
Rear Right Inside RRI
Rear Right Outside RRO

(Similarly, an Excavator can have 4 Wheels coded as FL, FR, RL and RR)

See this demo structure.


Here a Dumper  D-153 is taken for Demo. This vehicle has 6 Tyres installed in the 6 wheel positions. And each Tyre has been specified the position where it is installed in its Masterdata like this.


Now suppose I have written the logic required to satisfy all my conditions in the include. Let’s now see how this logic works.

1. First I have dismantled one Tyre having the position say RRO, and tried to put one AVLB Tyre under D-153  with position with some other value.

See What error I get,


2. Similarly without Dismantling any of the 6-Tyres, when I tried to install another wheel, I get this message.

more tan 6.JPG

3. Like-wise, when by mistake, I put a value in the Position field other than the 6 codes, i get this message.


These are just few examples, for which the logic to be given in the include I have attached herewith. There will be several such possibilities you can configure with similar syntax, like for:

– Matching the Superior Equipment and Sub-Equipments Category (EQTYP)    and several such.


When we give a code in an enhancement, it applies to all types of Equipments. So we should start any such code by specifying condition such as ‘If the Equipment is a Fleet Equipment’ etc. Observe the first line in the code attached, this specifies the same and isolates the present code from other Equipment Categories.


In a similar way we can define the Functional Location and Equipment relation using the enhancement IEQM0001.  Also as I said above a document which connects to the present topic is Measurement Reading Transfer – A useful functionality

In the code attached EQART (Type of Technical Object) field-name is used to identify the vehicle (Dumper, Excavator etc). for this purpose we maintain these values in the Tyre Master data like:



this is another effort of Knowledge sharing in Enhancement area, the idea of which arose when the author recently seen a discussion regarding Fleet Structure.

Hope members would be benefited.

Thank you

Jogeswara Rao K

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