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Testing Payment Cards

Have you been testing payment Card functionality and have ever been thinking of getting more test data (Valid credit card numbers) to expand your horizons of testing? If yes, then here is some information on generating valid credit card numbers and using it for testing.

How to get Valid Credit Card numbers?

Here is the simplest answer:

From the site:

You can generate as many valid credit card numbers as you require from this website. The website generates valid card numbers using the MOD 10 algorithm. This card number can then be used for your testing. More details about the algorithm can be found in the website.

You even can write a script on your own to generate valid credit card numbers to use it in your test scripts.

Note: There are other sites also which provide similar information

What kind of tests is possible?


Once you lay your hands on ample test data, it is time to think on how we can use that effectively. Here are some of the ideas that help you get started with.

  • 1.       Use many credit cards at a time (Kind of Fuzz testing).
  • 2.       Setting up different kind of authorization for different cards ( authorization testing)
  • 3.       Setting up the credit cards with different types of customizations (Customization based testing)
  • 4.       Testing same application with different test data   Etc.

These are just some of the ideas from where you could start. Those interested can build on top of these, in areas of Payment card testing to uncover more bugs.

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