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Author's profile photo Koen Hesters

Dynamic Visibility within a Webi Report

Web Intelligence is called the “interactive tool” of the BI Platform, so let us be interactive.

Using input controls helps us a lot achieving our target.  You can use them to filter your report data, but also to change the layout or change keyfigures/measures in the report.  In the folowing steps we will change the layout of our report.

This is our report: that we would like to have interactive.  Initially we show the graphs of our data, but we want to show the table as well.Capture.PNG

Step 1 – create a new variable, “View”: add the text: “Table Purchase Orders”.


Step 2 – Create a new inut control based on the new variable, “View”.


Step 3 – Customize your list of values of your input control.


Step 4 – “Hide when …” your table/graphs, using a formula like …


     – here you can go wild and change a lot, for instance my title and background cell’s will change as wel.

Step 5 – enjoy the view


The “all values” will be my initial screen, the “table purchase orders”, will trigger my table in the report.

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      Author's profile photo William MARCY
      William MARCY

      Great Webi trick !

      You've been added to Webi 4.x tricks : summary for a better visibility. Keep posting !


      Author's profile photo Koen Hesters
      Koen Hesters
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks, great to be part of it!

      Author's profile photo vsenni senni
      vsenni senni


      Hi Koen Hesters,

      I am following your Post always

      I have a requirement to hide and show the report block based on the Element Link  unfortunately i promised to the user its achievable.

      I have 4 Table Block.

      Table 1 : Master table 1

      Table 2: Child Table of Master table 1

      Table 3: Master table 2

      Table 4: Child Table of Master table 3


      When the user Click Table1 then Table 2 should enable.

      When the user Click Table 3 then Table 2 Should Hide and Table 4 should enable .

      The above one I achieved it based on the below logic. I have written this logic in Table properties (Hide when the formula is true)

      Table 2 = If ((Pos(ReportFilterSummary();"Table 4") = 0) ;"Hide" ; "Show") ="Show"

      Table 4 = If ((Pos(ReportFilterSummary();"Table 4") = 0) ;"Hide" ; "Show") ="Hide"

      Now if the user Click Back to Table 1 then Table 2 should bring back and Table 4 should hide. But I couldn't able to achieve this

      Can you please help me.

      Author's profile photo Koen Hesters
      Koen Hesters
      Blog Post Author



      flattery works, the element linking nonetheless.  If you want it to work when clicking only once, meaning click Table 1 show tale 2 click table 3 show table 4 and hide Table 2 it is doable by adding an OR in your hide-formula, but it stops here, when they click again no changes will/can be captured because there is no reset-formula available unless they reset the element link manually.

      That was the reason to build it via the input control



      Author's profile photo vsenni senni
      vsenni senni

      Thanks  you for your quick response. i will discuss with my user on this