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Customizing the Interaction Centre Account Information Context Area

Two lines are available to display account and contact information after confirmation of an account/contact. The first line is generally used for account name and second is used for contact name by default. In case a custom logic needs to be implemented for displaying the account or contact information then follow the steps below –

1. Determine what type of account identification profile is used or intended to be used in Interaction Centre – Single or Multiple. This can be done by looking up the function profile ID on the interaction centre business role customizing by going into the assigned function profiles.

  • BPIDENT – Single


2. Based on the account identification profile type go into corresponding SPRO customizing area. The screen shots below are for Multiple Business Partners profile.



3a. If the logic that needs to be used is simply to add another field then selecting the fields on Line 1 and Line 2 customizing should suffice. Having said that, in the system I am currently on, it did not work and that may be because of heavy custom development.

b.   3b. If the logic required is more than just displaying another field then derive your Z class from CL_CRM_IC_CONTEXTAREA, code the method DISPLAY_DATA and maintain the class name in the customizing area. The value returned on the returning variable RV_TEXT1 of the method DISPLAY_DATA will result in the value being displayed on the screen.


Misc – The UI component ICCMP_HEADER can be used to configure the Interaction Centre Header area.


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