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Credit management: how to use a helpful log on sales documents changes


Have you ever needed a log where sales documents changes involved in credit are recorded? If the answer is yes, keep reading.

The log can be very helpful to get further details on document changes in tables S066 and S067 when you need to find out answers to what, when, who … questions.

While report RVKRED88 show us actual data, report SD_VKMLOG_SHOW will show us what has happened during the way, along with actual data.

Let´s go:

We only need to activate table TVKMLOG, creating an entry via tcode SE11 (once entered table name, click on display, go to menu bar, utilities, table contents, create entries).

We activate it by setting X in ACTIVE field, enter the number of days the system will maintain the logs in field KEEP and decide if we want the system delete the logs automatically, field DELE AUTOM, after the number of days we typed in field KEEP. We can, at any moment, add a new entry to change actual values (for example, leave blank field ACTIVE to stop recording logs).



Once active, report SD_VKMLOG_SHOW (tcode SE38) will display logs created for our documents since activation.

Let´s have a quick look at the report.

After creating our sales order, we select logs for sales orders, type in our sales order number and tick on show lines w/o update


Because sales order, in the example, was blocked by credit, amounts are 0.


Once released, running report again with same parameters, we can see and understand changes (who, when, how).


After creating the delivery, we can see that open order amount has moved to open delivery. Here, we select logs for SD document and type in delivery number (you can type also sales order number).



We can select option Logs for Credit Account to display changes by credit account and credit control area and data is displayed by document flow (sales, delivery, invoice) with totals



Finally, option “Delete Logs”


checks values set in table TVKMLOG. If we left blank entries KEEP and DELE AUTOM in table TVKMLOG (see activation explanation at the beginning of the document), we can delete logs by selecting this option, otherwise, log deletion will depend on values set in KEEP and DELE AUTOM fields.

If table TVKMLOG or report SD_VKMLOG_SHOW is not available in your system, you´ll find table definition and report coding in OSS note 1042857.



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      • Dear Joan

        Thanks a lot For sharing this document

        But i want to know one thing Because By using this we can find exactly where documents are released By whom .. a bit not understanding  I am not sure why 22.2 is showing after releasing so explain a more please in Business scenario level

        Thanks 🙂

        • Hi Venu,

          system shows data on S066 and S067 tables with further details coming from
          the activated log . As you may know, amounts will shift from one table to
          the other depending on the stage of the sales process. In the report you´ll see negative amounts which should be understood as the amount has been moved to the other table according to stage performed.

          A quick remainder on

          Open order value: The open order value is the value of all order items that have not yet been delivered.  The open order value is based on confirmed quantities (confirmed quantities x credit price = open order value of an order). The open order value does not increase as long as the block remains in place. 

          Open delivery value: The open delivery value is the value of all delivery items that
          have not yet been billed.

          Open billing value: The open billing value is the value of all billing items that have not
          yet been transferred to Accounting.



  • Hello Joan,

    Thanks for this useful document. I have one query; in the output for delivery document in report I see that the values are in negative – request you to please let me know the reason for it.

    Sorry for my naive question…

    thanks & regards,

    • Hi Hussain,

      thanks for your comments.

      your question:

      value in negative means that this amount is not anymore an open delivery amount because the delivery was later billed and transfered to accounting (because transfered to accounting,amount doesn´t remain in open billing column).

      Report displays how amount moves from different open quantitiy columns as sales process progresses (flow sales, delivery, billing). When next process is run amount is moved to corresponding open column with positive value and is displayed in negative value in preceding process..